Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome back!

Blogging has become such a different priority for me now that I am a mom, but I still enjoy doing it so I'm doing my best. Plus our internet is so shoddy, we never know when the darn thing is going to be up and running. It's a problem we're currently working on.

Well let's get to the main news of my life...

Eleanor is wonderful! She just went for her 4 month check up today (though she turned 4 months on the 22nd) and here is what's going on with her:
weight: 14.88lbs
length: 24 & 1/8"

Today she also sat up by herself 3 times for anywhere from 5-15 seconds and the doctor gave the okay to begin stage 1 baby food since she is doing so well on rice cereal.

I cannot believe my tiny baby is getting so big and grown up so fast! Wow.

In other news:
-My uncle, cousin, sister, brother-in-law and nephew all visited this weekend...lots of fun and one over-stimulated baby!
-I cut my dog behind the ear trying to cut a hair clump out of her fur and that turned into a gross, smelly nightmare. But, being the ameteur vet that I am, I fixed it.
-I keep finding dead mice in our basement. Smelly, yucky, boo. I am fixing that situation with poison.
-I joined a local baby talk group with friends...lots of fun.
-Bought a few new furniture items for the house...love them.
-Moved the computer upstairs so I don't have to use it amoung smelly dead mice.
-Danny is still working (yay!)
-I'm planning a Vegas trip with my sister...now just trying to figure out when the hell we'll be able to leave kids and go!

Days are moving fast and my to do list is never empty, but I really like the way things are going for me and my family.

Hope to post a little more often!