Thursday, July 31, 2008

Love Remains the Same

That's an important thing to remember when the negativity rolls in...

I'm over my crappy yesterday. It actually ended up pretty nice. Danny called me at work after being absolutely grouchy that morning (and I really know it's bad when he wakes me up to be grouchy) and told me to meet him at the movie theater after work. We saw Stepbrothers...funny movie. Who doesn't love Will Ferrell?

As I was driving over to the movies in the horrible 5 o'clock traffic (even Decatur isn't spared) Danny calls from Subway. He got me a sandwich and realized I would have no time to actually eat it before the movie and so he was grouchy all over again and I thought to myself, wow, this is going to be so much fun! So I get to the theater and walk inside to find him standing at the snack counter with an ENORMOUS bag of popcorn and a look on his face that always makes me, "you can't be mad at me because look how cute I am." Harrison has the same face. It's mutiny. And it works. So that ended the whole last few days of childishness and stress. Just like that, the absolute love just works its way back in like nothing. And you have to recognize those times as much as the others. It's so easy to just say, whew, that's over and let's move on. But first, take a moment and appreciate how easy it can be to do just that. That's love.

And my dad totally rocked the cleaning of the windows in the dining room and is coming back for more today! That's major love!

Feel the love people and appreciate the feeling!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nobody Told Me There'd Be Days Like These


I'm having one of those days. Not the one where from the moment you wake up everything goes wrong, just one of those days where even though everything is fine, everything sucks at the same time. It's hot, it's raining, I'm at work, everyone is back at work, I really don't have all that much going on at work so the days drag on and on, Danny and I just can't seem to shake this "let's snap at each other constantly" thing the last couple days, which I'm really going to put effort into stopping on my end because I hate that, and it's Wednesday. Even when this day is over, there are still 2 entire more work days to go until the hottest weekend of the year...the Decatur Celebration! Oh boy. I agreed to walk in the parade for work, so that will be sweaty and full of wife-beater-wearing, mullet-sporting, toothless wonders. The big entertainment this year? The Bay City Rollers and the Plain White Ts. Yay? I don't think I'll be attending any performances this year, but I think I say that every year and guess what, I always end up there. So we'll see.

On the other hand, my dad is going to work on the dining room windows and trim (the cleaning, the scraping, the repainting) in the afternoons this week because he doesn't have much else to do. And he finds that kind of the fun or at least worthwhile, so I say, go for it! Less tedious work for me.

Try to remember what you've got going for you on days like these, that's what I try to do, so that's what I'll be doing today.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Listen...Do You Wanna Know A Secret?

Well, too bad, I'm not going to actually tell you what it is...yet...

I came across a great birthday idea in another blog I read that I'm going to put into effect for Danny's birthday, which is not until September, but when I think of fun things or gifts, I plan everything out right away because I am excited!

So, I can't really get into too many details quite yet...but the premise is to give very small gifts each hour of the day for as many hours as you want to. I am doing 12. Now, this includes things like a special dinner, but I won't say any of the other things as Danny might read this blog. I'm okay with him knowing about the general scheme of the gift giving, just not the actual gifts. And then, to top it off, I have a MAJOR gift to give him at the end. MAJOR. Some of you know what this gift is already, some of you don't. If you know...DO NOT TELL MY HUSBAND WHAT IT IS OR I WILL CUT YOU!

And calm down everyone, it's really nothing that major, just something I know he will really like.

I also have a anyone out there who enjoys thin mint girl scout cookies, has eaten very well for the last few days, and is looking for a refreshing summer treat during this "hot as a mother" weather we are currently having...I suggest the Thin Mint Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Mom, please don't judge. This delectable dish is FANTASTIC! Big chunks of actual thin mint cookie, really light minty-tasting ice cream. Yum. Or, Yum-o, if you are so Rachel Ray-inclined.

I think that's all for today. I waited a little longer to post, I know that my "anonymous" reader will probably have words for me about that. I thought maybe something outstanding would happen that I could let you know about, but alas, just the general Tuesday. Last week my Tuesday was fantastic, this week, it's pretty mundane, but certainly could shape up to be a winner. I will have to keep you posted on that.

Have a good one!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday, Monday

I knew if I exposed my creative "use song lyrics and titles for my blog titles" idea it would immediately become hard! Thank goodness for the Mama's and the Papa's!

So how was your weekend? Mine was fine. Friday we didn't so much clean the house as we did nothing. Oops!

Saturday I got out of the house by 9am and did a lot of stuff. However, I had a bad experience at Walmart...evil Walmart! I went with all my wedding photo cds to get prints done for family members and friends and a cool photo collage frame I purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to hang in my stairwell (photos will come). So I had like 52 photos to print, which I did, which took about 40 freaking minutes of standing at the little booth. It took so long because the machine is slow and hey guess what, none of the photos were numbered correctly by the photographer. So I had to scan through the rolls again and try to determine which shot of the 3 only-slightly-altered shots I had was the correct one each person wanted. Hard! But this is not even the bad part...

So at the end of the printing, OF COURSE, the machine thingy has some kind of problem and I have to call over an employee who has to turn it off and turn it back on. So I have to stand there and wait for the computer to reboot so I can get my last 4 prints. Hate it. And then, as its rebooting...oh hey, someone needs to check some stupid part of me (the computer says) before I can finish rebooting. So I call over another photo center employee, who opens the booth and looks at all the stuff and finally, the prints finish printing. Upon which, the employee says to you have your copyright release form? I say, I don't know what that is. She says, its the form from your photographer allowing us to sell you the prints (which I am holding in my hand). I say, I was not given such a form. She says, well then I CANNOT SELL YOU THESE PHOTOS or we could all face a fine. I say, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? She says, no. Because the photos are so nice (what?) we cannot release them without permission from the photographer. I say, well I obviously have permission as I have all the cds here. Well, we need the form or you could be fined $10,000 and face jail time. WHAT?! Okay...can I just say, does this not seem a little excessive to anyone else? For copyright infringement? I'm not saying these pictures are ones I have taken, I recognize them as professionally done photos, I simply want one in 8x10 and others in 4x6 for my flipping photo collage! I will post a sign next to them that says "photos obviously not taken by me if you have ever seen my photography work."

Okay, anyway, I tell the glad-they-were-working-that-day employees how ridiculous that was. She said to me, I didn't make the rules. And I replied, and I didn't say that you were ridiculous, I'm saying the "law" is ridiculous (idiot woman who won't let me have my photos!). I say, can I call my photographer as she is a friend who does this as a side business and can she give you permission that way? Oh no. We need the form. She could fax it, does she have a fax? I have no idea! GRRR! Who is your photographer? They ask me. I tell them...oh yeah, we do prints for her weddings ALL THE TIME. She usually sends a form.

HELP ME, JESUS! So, as you always do business with her, can I not call her and let her give you permission? No, we need the form. SERIOUSLY! We can hold your pictures until you get the form. Okay, that is better that the NOTHING YOU ARE OFFERING ME CURRENTLY. How long can you hold them? 24 hours. . . . . Um, do you see how that is in no way helpful to me as I doubt I can get a form in that amount of time? Oh. Well how long do you want us to hold them. AS LONG AS YOU FLIPPING CAN! I say. Oh. How about 30 days? Um, OKAY...IF YOU CAN HOLD THEM FOR 30 DAYS, WHY WAS YOUR FIRST OFFER TO SOMEONE OBVIOUSLY PISSED AS HELL 24 HOURS?! COULDN'T EVEN THROW ME A BONE AND START WITH A WEEK?! So. Damn. Helpful.

The form is in the mail. I will have my pictures. My photographer forgot to give me the form in the first place. MOTHER!

Saturday finshed out with lunch with the in-laws for Danny's oldest brother's and grandmother's birthdays and painting the dining room. Not finished, but well on its way. Thanks Dad!

Sunday was uneventful (had potluck dinner at Ross and Susannah's with dogs and friends) in comparison to Saturday.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Well, my hubby is anyway. And what does that mean kids? Overtime!

Yes, Danny is working EVERY SATURDAY for the next few months, I've been told. And while I can completely get on board with all that overtime (come to mama), not having a husband for the majority of a Saturday is no fun! We will be able to save some major money these next few weeks which is great, but if I don't stop racking up the credit card bill (we always pay it off in full) that won't matter all that much.

I can't help it if I just keep finding wonderful things to purchase or, more so, we keep needing to purchase stuff like hotel rooms for weddings (remind me to talk about that later). The nice thing is we accumulate reward dollars to use on our car insurance, so there's that. I keep threatening that we MUST stop the current level of spending and one of these days, I swear we're going to do it. I am seeing a change in our checking account balance. It doesn't get so scarily low each month, we're acutally maintaining a decent balance after paying bills. Yay for us. It's so weird to realize we're grown ups now, and responsible for money, security, the well-being of ourselves and significant others and children (if you've got em).

But hey, that wasn't my point. My point was supposed to's FRIDAY! Let the weekend commence. And I just determined that I get to leave work an hour early for not having a lunch today, so I've got that going for me. I hope you all have fun weekend plans this weekend. I am going to begin PAINTING THE DINING ROOM! People, we're nearing the end, I swear. Tonight Danny and I are going to Mom and Dad's to visit our nephew Austin who is visiting. You can read more about him in my sister's blog (yes she copied me)
Then we are returning home to clean the house. Don't be jealous of our kick-ass Friday night plans.

Side note: I hate having to pay for hotels for weddings. And I hate that I've made people do that for me. Don't get me wrong, I will do it and I understand it has to be done sometimes, especially if you are in a wedding, but why must the hotels be so expensive?! I guess I more so am against the price of hotel rooms. And when people have their receptions in a hotel where they have reserved a block of rooms for like $987 a night and that's the discount?! Damn you people! It's not like you're going to find a cheaper hotel to stay the night. You're already right there in that hotel, just a mere elevator ride away from your king-sized bed, and you are probably not in a drivable state because they give you free alcohol. But you pay for it alright, with the hotel room.

End of rant.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

But if you try sometimes, you get what you need.

So, I am in a band. Danny is also in this band. I have previously mentioned this band in my blogs.

I have always wanted to sing in a band, always. Now, I'm not saying I'm the next American Idol, but I can carry a tune or two and let's face it, put a microphone in front of me and I'll go to town. So, forever I've always had this thought in the back of my head that it would be cool to be in a band and now I'm in a band. It's funny how that whole "positive thinking" theory really does work out. Lately, I've come to realize the truth behind visualizing yourself in the situation you want and eventually, you'll reach it. Sometimes, this theory really sucks ass because when you really want something, its very hard to just think, "oh SOMEDAY it will work out for me." Yeah right. No one can just be happy with "someday." We want stuff right away or at least we want a general time frame of when we can expect to get what we want. And sometimes, everything has to go horribly wrong before what is suppose to happen, happens. Then it's purely ridiculous to ask someone to continue his or her positive thinking on the subject. My mom always says (as do I because as the years go by, I realize I am my mom...and I'm good with that - shout out to you mom) things will work out the way they are supposed to, you just have to "go with the flow." THIS IS SO TRUE but man, sometimes you just want to say, screw the flow, I'm going to just eat ice cream and bitch until I get my way! Let me say, in certain situations, I will grant anyone their "bitch n' ice cream" session, but you have to get over it eventually.

So here are the examples I can come up with in my life where this positive thinking theory has come to pass. I encourage you all (my devoted throngs of readers) to create your own list.

Be in a band
Get married before my late 20s (not that this was essential, just a goal to shoot for)
Buy a house
Buy a house in the West End
Have a blonde dog ( I seriously almost typed "dong" instead of "dog", weird.)
Be happy in my life

That's a short list, but it doesn't need to be many things. I have things I am currently positively thinking about that I hope come to be soon, so we'll see.


P.S. please note that all of my blog titles are either song titles or lyrics from a song accept for the "an addition to my last rant" because that was just an addition. So, that's a little something to look forward to. And now that I have told you all about it, I will probably have a REALLY HARD TIME continuing with it!

You Just Keep Me Hanging On

Note the time...11:45 am...

"No Air" is on the radio right now. This is the 3rd time I've heard it TODAY (on various stations). How will I ever get over this song?!

Belt it out Jordan Sparks...Belt it out!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Is Us

So here is the story of us...
Danny and I both rode the same bus to school. Ever since I was in kindergarten (he in 1st grade) all through grade school until we started driving/riding to school with those who could drive.

He was the kid who ate skittles off the bus floor that one time and toothpasted my sister's car (along with other cars throughout the neighborhood).
We never really took much notice of each other until high school when I was a sophmore and he was a junior and we were in band together, he the drummer, me a clarinet player. He was first interested in one of my very good friends, Devin, who was in my class and also a clarinet player. He took her to prom that year and again, he and I didn't really talk too much then. Once during a basketball game (we were playing in the pep band) he asked me what kinds of things he could do to impress her and I nicely gave him some great advice, I'm sure. I was completely not thinking of this guy as anyone I would date, ever. Plus, he like my good friend, so that's immediately off limits anyway. Well, I guess somewhere along there, he decided that I was kind of cute and fun and perhaps he actually liked me more. The three of us (Danny, Devin, and myself) proceeded to hang out ALL THE TIME during the summer and beginning of his senior year. I went to Canada with Devin's family that summer and clearly remember thinking, I should be nicer to Danny. I knew he liked me and I used it to my advantage (big tease!) so I thought I should stop doing that. I think though, deep down, I liked him too but just didn't know what to do with myself.
He asked me to homecoming that year. In December we "officially" started was fun, but oh were we ever DRAMATIC! The jealousy and fighting right up there with the fun. We went to prom together and as the end of the year drew closer, I decided I just couldn't really be in this relationship anymore and I waited to end it until school was over. I totally broke up with him THE DAY BEFORE HIS GRADUATION. I know, I know, I'm horrible, thoughtless, and cruel. But I was 16 and he was a handful! We tried to get back together later that summer, we basically went our separate ways. I had my senior year, single and free, and he did his own thing.
I went to college and had a 3 year relationship with another guy from high school, but it didn't work out either. Danny dated a few others as well over the years, but nothing serious.
I started student teaching at the same high school where Danny's brother, Ross, worked as a math teacher and Ross was recently married to Susannah, who were high school sweethearts and she was also a good friend of mine, in the same class. So I started hanging out with them a lot. After student teaching, we were still hanging out and they had a party at their apartment that both Danny and I were invited to (we had not seen or talked to each other in about 6 years at this point). Danny knew I was coming, but was under the false impression I was still with my ex-boyfriend at the time. I found out he was there from my friend Ashley (who was leaving the party as she was VERY PREGNANT at the time). I thought twice about showing up and Danny tried to leave the party before I arrived...however, fate stepped in. As I was walking up to the apartment complex door, who comes out but...ROSS! No, just kidding...DANNY! There we were, face to face after 6 years of nothing and bad blood before that. We said hello and I even hugged the guy! Wow! I asked if he was leaving (the group was heading to a bar shortly) and wondered if he would be meeting us there. Danny said he had every intention of going home, but right then changed his mind and told me he'd see me at the bar.
I went home that night after giving him my number. Hanging out with him just felt good and right and he asked me "So when are we going to hang out and catch up with each other?" If you had asked me earlier that night even if I would have pictured myself going out to dinner with Danny Moyer I would have said no, but something in me just this, it will be fun!
We went on our second first date the next weekend and out again every weekend for about 3 weeks until we made it official.
Just over 2 years later we got married.


No Air, Air, Air...

Does everyone know that song? It's only on the radio like 947 times a day...

I LOVE this song! I know, I realize it's a catchy little pop song by an American Idol winner and some other guy who's name I don't know, but dang it if I don't belt out this tune everytime I hear it! And then it's stuck in my head all day (and if you listen closely, they don't really say "air" they more so say "ai-ah" do that with me right now...."no aiah, aiah, aiah" - fun right?). However, don't tell my hard core band members as they would probably kick me out for loving this song.

(Oh! I'm listening to the radio right now at work and "Holla Back Girl" just came on...another one I used to belt out - not so much anymore, but it had its heyday..."I ain't no holla back girl". And really, I'm not.)

Speaking of no air, air, air...Danny and I went on a 2 mile walk last night with the puppo's (yes I meant to type an o - that's not a typo). It was really nice. We walked to his parents house and let the dogs have a drink and we had flavor ice pops - score! Then we walked home and died. Don't get me wrong, a 2 mile walk is like nothing, I used to do this all the time with my Mom and our yellow lab Pearl (r.i.p.) but I haven't done this in a while and Danny also walked up and down 7 flights of stairs in steel-toed boots yesterday, all day AND our dogs like to meander and cross in front of us as we walk (Caesar would kick our butts). Go on, add the element of "almost tripping" every 5 feet or so to your 2 mile walk and see how much fun it can be! I should market this as a workout strategy.

Hope you all had a lovely Tuesday. I, myself, had an awesome Tuesday (no boss at work, surprise flowers, dinner with my mom and dad, evening "trip-fest" with hubby, flavor ice pops, and ELF WAS ON TV LAST NIGHT - I heart that movie!).

Band practice tonight, perhaps one run through of "No Air?"

peace out!

P.S. "I just like smiling, smiling's my favorite!"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"I'm the man you brings you roses when you ain't got none..."

This is a line from Loving Cup by the Rolling Stones (a song our band does) and when I heard it, I instantly thought of Danny. The whole song reminds me of him. On our second first date (We dated in high school for 6 months - another story for another blog) he came to my parents' house with yellow roses, my favorite. This was huge for me as I was in a place in life where all I wanted was a guy who would just show up, be a man, and know how to treat me. This is Danny. And with yellow roses!

Well, I was just called upstairs here at work and what do I find but a HUGE bouquet of purple roses with baby's breath in a purple vase with a note ..."love Danny."!! There is no occassion, no fight to make up for, no request from me to buy me flowers. He just sent them because he wants to be a "better husband." Well he was really pretty fantastic to begin with, trust me!

What a wonderful man I have...I am a lucky and loved wife!


LOVING CUP (M. Jagger/K. Richards)
I'm the man on the mountain, come on up.

I'm the plowman in the valley with a face full of mud.
Yes, I'm fumbling and I know my car don't start.
Yes, I'm stumbling and I know I play a bad guitar.

Give me little drink from your loving cup. Just one drink and I'll fall down drunk.

I'm the man who walks the hillside in the sweet summer sun.
I'm the man that brings you roses when you ain't got none.
Well I can run and jump and fish, but I won't fight
You if you want to push and pull with me all night.

Give me little drink from you loving cup. Just one drink and I'll fall down drunk.

I feel so humble with you tonight, Just sitting in front of the fire.
See your face dancing in the flame, Feel your mouth kissing me again,
What a beautiful buzz, what a beautiful buzz,
What a beautiful buzz, what a beautiful buzz.
Oh, what a beautiful buzz, what a beautiful buzz.

Yes, I am nitty gritty and my shirt's all torn,
But I would love to spill the beans with you till dawn.

Give me little drink from your loving cup. Just one drink and I'll fall down drunk.

Good Morning, Good Morning

Well we had a little hail last night...

And by a little, I mean I thought our windows were going to break. Our poor cars were out in the driveway too, but they came through unscathed - victory!

I really enjoy summer storms. I haven't ever, thankfully, been in a tornado. I've seen them come close, but never had to experience the devastation they bring and if I had, I probably wouldn't enjoy storms quite so much, but they are pretty incredible to watch. I love the way they all of a sudden are upon you and that cold rush of air just seems to hit you all at once. The hot, mugginess just disappears like its October all of a sudden and you can turn off your air and open your windows and push all that stuffy air out of the house. It's very refreshing!

Side note: if everyone could send postive thoughts our way, I'd appreciate it! Nothing major, we just all need some positive energy sometimes, right?


Monday, July 21, 2008

An addition to my last rant...

I HAVE to add that, while we have had this project going on and on and driving me a bit crazy, I love, love, LOVE my husband for having the ability/know-how/connections to do a project like this by himself! He's a union plumber/pipefitter by trade, but he's just generally handy and confident enough to dive into a project head first. So thank you, babe, for taking care of your family in yet another way!

And seriously, he's hot as hell when he's in "working man" mode! Bonus!


Just Another Manic Monday

Except it's really not manic at all...

Hope you all (and by all I do mean the thousands of readers I have) had a great weekend and didn't melt - see previous post - .

So, besides getting my hair chopped off and highlighted, nothing too outstanding happened this weekend, therefore, I will share the promised dining room story:

2 weeks before the wedding:
Danny and I are having band practice (yes, we're in a rockin' band. He is the drummer - hotness!- and I am the chick singer) in the basement and he went upstairs to use the facilities. Upon hearing the flush, I notice the main plumbing pipe is spurting a small stream of water there in the basement where we were practicing. Hmm, I so calmly thought, that might be a problem (actually I waited until Danny came back downstairs and pointed at it with a horrified look on my face without actually speaking as I could get no words to form). Yes, he assured me, this was a problem. So the group goes upstairs (after practice because god forbid we determine the cause/problem before we finish our cover of Down By the River with the lead guitarists 19 MINUTE GUITAR SOLO WHICH NEVER ENDS EVER!) to look at the situation. Hey guess what?! The wall with the leaking pipe behind it is crumbling away and pressable! Awesome! And somehow, we never noticed this before. Prognosis: the wall must come down, pipe must be fixed, wall must be replaced. Additional "screw us over" prognosis: Our walls are all plaster, so lets tear them all down plus the ceiling and replace with drywall! Assurance from husband (to be at this point): I can have the entire project done in a week for like 500 dollars! Wow! That's impressive, well okay then, lets do this. I will have it painted before we even get married!

Reality: NOT. SO. MUCH!

Like $1500 and 2 months later, we are set to paint this weekend. In the process of fixing the plumbing (which took about 4 minutes) we then had to rip up the bathroom floor and found the subfloor to be rotten. Replace subfloor ($). Buy new peel and stick tile, grout, bathroom fixtures ($). We then needed a new ceiling fan in the dining room as the other was created in 1843 ($$) though we got a deal because we bought the floor model (with no we'll see how that shapes up for the handy man), but we then needed can lights because the ceiling fan didn't produce enough light ($). Home projects...great when finished (we'll I'm hoping)...sucky while ongoing.

We also got another dog during this mess, the aforementioned Harrison, though she is well worth it and has found great joy in chewing up little pieces of plaster/drywall/insulation. All taken out of her mouth before injestion, but a fun game of chase in the meantime!

Perhaps pictures of the project will be posted, but not until all is finished. So check back next July!

Thank you and have a good day!


Friday, July 18, 2008

feeling hot, hot, hot

And not in a good way!

It is so flipping hot around here this past week and while summer is my favorite time of year, hot + my attitude = watch your back!

We have 2 dogs at home. This in itself is a constant game of "who's got what in their mouth." However, our situation is even more fun than that. Nick, the 9 year old rat terrier came with Danny, my husband. He's been the "pass around" dog for all his 9 years, staying with this family member or that, and as a result, he's a crotchety old man set in his ways and a fear biter...fabulous. I had no choice in taking him in, Danny's mom said, get a house and take this dog. So we had Nick for about a year, all the while I was wanting to get my Golden Retriever (I grew up with blonde dogs, goldens and a yellow lab). I did NOT want to have Nick and another dog as that would amount to pure insanity. So one week before our wedding, we were in the process of remodeling the dining room (which is still happening - another blog, trust me) and Danny says, lets go get a puppy! And like an IDIOT, I said...OKAY! However, we now have the cutest little girl golden retriever who is not so little at 4 months and 40 pounds, named Harrison. We love her, Nick hates her, its a happy happy family!

I came home for lunch today and found that Harrison had eaten my FAVORITE PAIR OF STEVE MADDEN PUMPS, which like an idiot I left lying where she could get them and both of them had pooped in the kitchen! Seriously dogs! Do you know its hot and mommy doesn't do well with hot!

In the long and short of it, shoes are shoes and linoleum cleans easier than carpet, so we'll all survive, but a 65 degree day would have really helped the situation...

have a good one!

Here we go!

So...this is the first attempt at the "blog world" and I have no guarantees as to how fascinating mine will actually be. I have been reading some other blogs and they are fabulous! People can be so interesting. Hopefully, I will interest someone with my random musings.

So...hope you enjoy what is to come, I'm not quite sure what to expect myself. We'll find out together!