Monday, September 29, 2008

We're Not Here to Cause No Trouble, We're Just Here to Do the Superbowl Shuffle

Congratulations to my hubby for turning me into a genuine Bears' Fan.

Like I said, I have always been an unaware supporter...never really followed the games, team, slept through what games I was in the room for, knew the superbowl song kind of, and so forth.

Now though, if I don't get those bears collars on my dogs by Sunday noon, well forget it! And put on your jersey and get out your special Bears beer mug and run by the in-laws house to pick up the official bears game cake which is a bear face with opponent mascot in its teeth (made by my mother-in-law, I kid you not.).

For Danny's birthday last Friday, I presented him with.....drumroll please....Bears Tickets! We are going to the Bears vs. Lions game on November 2nd. Look for us on TV! We'll be in the end zone, 2nd tier up, 5th row. I felt I won some major wife points with that gift. And I allowed a tequilla birthday party to take place in my backyard (not in the house, thank you) for the birthday festivities.

So I think we're done with September celebrations now. Good thing because we're done with September tomorrow! That was fast!

Other stuff that happened this weekend:
-Went shopping with Mom yesterday and bought Danny a pair of $2 pants at Bergeners! Yes, $2! Regularly $35! So for finding that deal, I bought myself 2 dresses and am now contemplating how much I want those $95 shoes...I love shoes and I want them, but I will attempt to let them go on sale first.
-Helped Danny's grandparents move into a new house. What an interesting time that was. Thank the lord Susannah (SIL) was there because I needed another non-blood relative there with me. I think the day hit its peak when Danny's aunt came into the bedroom where we were all working and told my father-in-law that he wouldn't need to worry about his granddaughters because by looking at me, they'd have big boobs. Wow. Awesome! Not to mention the 987 times I was asked when I would be having a baby...I love that question.
-Appreciated yet again how easy a relationship can go from "Are you freaking kidding me?" to "Man, I really love you." in just a moment's notice...

And 2 of food handler safety class! Can you feel my anticipation?!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Can See For Miles and Miles

Today ushers in the last day of my eye doctor saga for a while (I hope).

I have to go in to the dr. to get my new trial lens tested because low and behold, my prescription changed in one eye -.25. Of course it did, after I ranted about how my eyes have remained unchanged for YEARS. Now one of them decides to be a smart ass and change! Whatever, eye!

So I have to drive all the way across town AGAIN to essentially put in a contact lens and read some letters off the wall. Then I get to pay a lot of money and then drive all the way back to work without having a lunch break. Love. It.

On a completely different note...

I am a supporter of the Obama/Biden ticket. I generally run the Democratic way, but I don't label myself either one because the politics of government is ridiculous. However, I am behind Obama 100%. And it's not like last time with John Kerry and Bush. I mean I loathe Bush as a President and John Kerry wasn't a good choice either, but I leaned his way because he seemed the lesser of two sucky presidents. This time, before we ever even had our candidates I was excited about it. For one, thank Jesus George Bush is done. What is wrong with America that that guy got 2 terms?! For two, I really have always like Obama and being from IL, it was just that much more exciting. And I really liked Hillary too! Two good choices. For three, I don't even really mind McCain so much. I wasn't ever going to vote for him, but if we ended up going Republican again, I think he has been around the block and is an intelligent judge of what needs to be done for America more so than what we've had to put up with for the past 8 years. BUT we do have some big issue differences. Here is the kicker with McCain...he chose Sarah Palin.

I don't get it. It seems really a purely political move to choose a woman right after all the Hillary stuff. This one in particular. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see a woman as VP or Pres. but Palin is way out of her league here. She seems like a nice lady with a bit of governmental experience, but as President? And we have to look at it that way because McCain is like 72 years old and you have to judge your VPs like that anyway. She would not be my choice for President AT ALL. So many reasons why: anti-gay marriage (like belonging to that crazy "I'll pray to make you straight church? what?!), anti-pro choice (as women, we have to be the ones in charge of our own bodies, not our government), anti-animal rights (she allowed for helicopter-driven wolf hunts in alaska - sick), and so on and so forth. And just because Russia is visable from your backyard doesn't mean you know what the hell to do about the war in Iraq.

Just wanted to write that down today. We should all vote no matter who we're supporting.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me

I am a glorified cookie server. Yet in one short week, I will also be a licensed food handler. Seem extreme? I thought so too.

So I was sitting in my little class yesterday with 2 food stand owners, 2 cooks, a hotel manager, and some other guy whose job I forget. All were there to become licensed food managers and handlers. Then there was me. Yes, I do serve food on MANY an occasion as a part of my job, but really only 3 times A YEAR do I actually cook it. Mostly it's store-bought desserts, cubes of cheese (already cubed), fruit, crackers, etc. I do that on purpose. Do you realize how much time I would spend in the kitchen at work (more so than I already do) if I were to make all the necessary food to keep our volunteers happy? We serve food for EVERYTHING around here. Meetings, gatherings, we have a lunch made for us every Wednesday, hell we make up reasons just to serve food to each other. So it makes much more sense to use pre-made stuff for the most part rather than change my profession to chef.

So I feel that my presence in this class is a bit ridiculous, however, I am learning some good stuff for just everyday cooking temps for different meats, proper food storage in the fridge, and all those foodborne illnesses out there waiting to get you! Seriously, I will never comfortably eat in a buffet restaurant again. Not that I won't do it, I just won't enjoy it as much.

Next week I go back for more and the test (which I feel will be pretty easy). I liked getting out of this place for a day and doing something different. It was nice.

Hope you all had a good Tuesday!


Monday, September 22, 2008

A New Day Has Come


Yes, folks, our dogs are offically enclosed! And when I went home for lunch today, I opened the door to let them out and just went on inside. No standing, waiting, encouraging, chasing into the front yard, pulling, dragging, wandering, searching, calling and calling and calling, no more! You see, all my years we've had the huge fenced-in yard for the dogs and when we moved into this house, it had fencing at the back but not on the sides so we (Danny) put up privacy fencing along the sides and now finally, we finished the job by putting up fence along our driveway. I have pictures on my dead camera that clearly illustrates what went on that I will post later. Danny did a great job and it looks really really good. I'd say he's getting pretty talented at fence building for never having done it before our house.

Other weekend highlights:
1. Emy (sister) and Austin (nephew) visited overnight Saturday and we all really enjoyed that. She went with me to the cookout I previously blogged about and it was also a good time.
2. Brunch on Sunday morning with everyone...good food, good company.
3. A small gathering at our house for the Bears game, which they lost ( again ). I had just gotten home from brunch (Danny left early to do some errands) and got all comfortable on the couch to take a nap because Harrison decided we should be up super early that morning for some reason. I was ready to doze and watch the game with Danny when he walks in with his brother. I was like, hmm, okay well whatever Ty is going to watch the game with us. Then I'm told that his friend Bob was also coming over. Now, this wasn't a huge deal--2 extra people-- but these guys ALWAYS have some sort of food/snacks during the game of which we had NOTHING and my house was/is A MESS and I was moments away from asleep on the couch. Well, I decided I would just maintain my position as "almost asleep on the couch" and let the boys take care of themselves. This was brilliant on my part! I got to just relax and enjoy the game and they did, in fact, take care of themselves.

All in all, a good weekend, a busy weekend. Now I'm back at work. Tomorrow I get to go to the hospital to take a Food Handler Safety class. Do I handle food much? No. But I serve a meal at each quarterly meeting and assist with lots of food prep for other events and so my boss is requiring me to get my food handler license. That means 2 7.5 hour classes with an exam, one tomorrow and one next Tuesday. I am looking forward to this! Although I will get out of the building again and I'm trying to think of it like going back to college for 2 days.

Have a good one...


Friday, September 19, 2008

We are family...I got all my sisters with me

Really only the one...but kind of more than one

My sister and nephew are coming to visit this weekend! I am looking forward to it very much! Danny will be doing fence work (at least he better be!) so I will take Harrison to hang out with Mom and Dad and Emy and Austin for the afternoon. Then Danny and I have to attend a cookout for another "sister". Very close friends of his parents, the boys call her "aunt" and her daughter refers to the Moyer boys as her "brothers" so there you go. She moved away and is coming home for the weekend so there will be a small reunion of sorts for her. I assume my sister-in-law will also be there so there again, another "sister" connection.

But the main event is the actual sister...we plan to participate in fun activities after this "foe-sister" cookout and then she will spend the night at my house and leave with the cutest nephew ever on Sunday.

Fun times!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Don't let this title mislead you, it's a bit sarcastic and unfortunate...

So, a few months ago after my sister and brother-in-law put their house on the market, Danny had to go replace their water heater. So we went up and spent the night and all that. When we got home and I started the water for a shower, I noticed it was rather chilly and not warming up...turns out, our water heater also needed to be replaced. Awesome.

In the last few days, my sister has been keeping me updated on their purchase of a new big flat-screen tv to go into their new house (a promise to her husband). We also have a 52" GIGANTIC tv that came with Danny like it was his child. We even had to buy a house around the tv to be sure it could fit anywhere in a home. Well yesterday, our tv "malfunctioned" for the second time in 2 years, only now it's not under warrenty. So this means we now get to buy a new tv as well. Isn't that just knock you over funny? I think so! So, unless you guys are planning to win the lottery soon, maybe you could just not do anything major with appliances or electronics for a while. I realize you are moving, but we just can't help but copy everything you do apparently, so for our own more!

We are also keeping the gigantic tv because someday we'll get it fixed. We think it needs a new bulb which are a few hundred instead of just doing that and risking it breaking a third time and again having no tv, we're going to have it, fix it later and then have 2 big tv's. If it breaks then, at least we'll still have another big tv to fall back on. See the logic? I do.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Don't Fence Me In

We've had a partially finished privacy fence around our yard for like a year now. It drives my dad crazy, but we've managed to live with it okay until recently. The only part not done is the section that has to go across the patio in order to keep dogs from running away. So we always have to take them out and stand there until they are ready to come back in or, more likely, bribe them back in with treats because let's face it, I'm not missing that 10 minutes of programming even if I do have pause on the tv dvr.

Well, I guess Danny had one too many trips outside last night (which was so only like 2 compared to my 478 that afternoon while trying to not be sick!) because when he came in to get me later in the evening, he shows me he has dug out the line of bricks from the patio where he can then insert posts for the fence. "It's happening this weekend, I promise!" Which means dining room baseboards are put on hold, but I'd rather have a finished fence 1 year later and let dogs just be outside without monitoring.

So, assuming he's not lying, I'll post some pictures of happy dogs and a happy wife next week!

Dining Room update: we do have crown molding finished, furniture back in place, stuff hanging on the walls, so it's really liveable and done-looking, just not all the way done.

Now I'm ready to paint the kitchen and living rooms...oh the projects never end!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

No one, because that's where I'm going!

I'm having one of those "my head feels like it's going to explode each time I open my eyes" kind of days, and while I acknowledge I am not fall down, fever sick, I do feel that opening your eyes is rather essential in the world of work. Therefore, I am going home at noon. See? I'm hanging in until noon even!

I woke up cold, sore throat, and with the exploding head thing and thought is this just because I slept with my window open and will I shake it off by the time I head out the door? See, this happens too. I breathe in all that cool, fresh air and wake up with all kinds of yuck going on but by the time I brush my teeth, get dressed, take dogs in and out and in and out and in and out, I'm good again and can skip off to my oh-so-fulfilling workday. I still did all those things this morning (and picked up dog poop from the bedroom...stupid Nick) and more so trudged out the door thinking, I am SO coming home at noon.

So here's to trying to nap with 1 crazy non-stop-fetch-playing puppy and 1 cranky, growly, must-be-touching-you-at-all-times dog. We'll see how that goes!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Sunday was not as fun as I thought it was going to be...


5 inches to be exact! The birthday party for Dad was cancelled (though it quit raining by the time it was to start, it was still chilly and dark and not a very "party day"). Danny and I visited in the evening and gave our gift, but it didn't do a 60th birthday justice...this must be rectified someday. Stupid rain!

Our basement was consumed with rushing water, though it didn't get very high like others' basements around town and Harrison had a blast rolling around in the puddles and splashing and running and jumping on a sleeping-in-bed hubby(...silly dog) while I was trying to pick everything up off the floor in a hurry. Stupid rain!

The Bears lost. Stupid rain! (I don't know, I just have a theme going here)

And I went slightly more crazy...Stupid rain!

That about wraps it up for Sunday. On to Monday (well Monday is almost over, work-day wise, but trust me, nothing big is happening today either).


Thursday, September 11, 2008

When I'm 64

Like I said, it's a month of celebrations!

Today is my sister and brother-in-law's 4th wedding anniversary so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to them. I remember on their wedding day there was a HUGE gathering of bikers in the parking lot of where they got married, gathering for a rally for September 11th. So we got to walk through them all to go get ready...Em got many cheers and whistles as she walked by in her veil. I can't believe that was 4 years ago. So much has happened in just 4 years, yet it seems like it was just yesterday all that happened!

Sunday is my dad's 60th birthday. We're all getting together, plus Danny's family and other friends to celebrate. It should be a great time! In December 2005, Dad had a pretty big heart attack suddenly, but he has pulled through like a champ and it's like the whole horrible thing never happened at all...needless to say, every birthday since then is a great celebration!

And soon, it will be Danny's birthday. 26 on the 26th! I have some fun things for him and then we're going out with his family to see a friend's band, so that will be fun as well!

To top everything off, fall weather has come to stay (knock on wood) around here! Great temps. and beautiful fall skies! Makes me want to bake a pie, take a hay-ride, and go to a college football game. Yay for fall!

I will be off tomorrow as I worked all day Saturday last week so I don't know if I'll post again before next week. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth

I really tried to avoid this song title, but alas, teeth has become our theme...

Danny had 2 molars pulled this morning! Poor hubby! I just had to go pick him up from the orthodontist and man, what a good time that was. No, really! He is one funny guy all doped up. When I got my wisdom teeth pulled 10 years ago (wow, that's a long time!) I was also apparently very funny and enthusiastic about the entire situation. I imagine this was similar to that.

Well, we tried to get his pain meds at Walgreens and their computers were down so "it could be 15 minutes to 5 hours before we get the prescription filled." Hmm, before making a fuss I figured I would get Danny home and settled in and then give them a call and see what's going on.

Upon getting back to work however, Danny calls and informs me that he called Walgreens and explained (so sweetly, I'm sure) that the "15 minute to 5 hour" window "wasn't going to cut it." They said the only way to get his prescription filled right now would be to pay cash for it and then get reimbursed later. So he asked how much would it be...$12. We have the pain meds! I was glad he took care of it. I always appreciate when he does that.

Also, while I was waiting to take him home, animal control called and informed me that the cat tested negative for any diseases. So everyone is good!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Feel Fine

So I heard nothing from the animal control testing lab yesterday, apparently that's a good thing!

I really think I'm perfectly fine. Who knows what was wrong with the kitten that caused it to die, but whatever it was, I don't think it transferred into my body. I feel I have warded off the cat-scratch fever. Although, the vet said that cats can carry stuff that won't produce symptoms in a human for like a, if in a month I become cat-woman, then we'll know.

Danny on the other hand, is a sicky. Physically, I mean. He did not escape the yuck going around (is there yuck going around? I just assume there is because there usually is). He came to bed last night with a gross cough and a stuffy nose and just felt bad. So I was pretty pumped to be sharing a bed with him. Hopefully the king-size will keep his germs away. So he just texted me that he's coming home from work and going to the dentist?. I guess at least he's getting that done, but poor dentist. Keep that face mask on, buddy!

I guess that's all from us today. Work is going to be slow today, I guarantee that. I don't have a lot to do today. I suppose I could get a jump on stuff coming up, but what's the fun in that, really? Maybe I'll post something else later...if you're lucky!


Monday, September 8, 2008

A Taste of Honey

Things my dog has "allegedly" eaten:
(because I usually catch her after the fact)
1. Plumber putty
2. silk flowers
3. potpourri
4. paint (after stripping it from the wall)
5. baseboard
6. lineoleum
7. Sports Illustrated magazine
8. Shoes (2 pairs of mine, a part of Danny's)
9. a wedding invitation
10. possibly her dog tag
11. an entire oversized hot dog bun
12. Fondant
13. insulation
14. drywall
15. plaster
16. foam
17. string
18. Her $20 registration papers

That's our pumpkin!

What's New Pussycat?

Okay, let me just preface this by saying, this is the short version because I am tired of telling this story...

Saturday night I found a stray kitten practically on my doorstep and upon picking it up, it bit me, a very small bite, but still, a bite. So I put it down and it kind of rolled around. I put it on my porch for the moment until I could figure out what to do, and after a few minutes, I noticed it was violently shaking its legs. Um seizure? I shooed it off the porch and in the morning, it was dead. FABULOUS!

So after many phone calls to Mom, vets, animal control, etc. I found myself with a dead cat in our refrigerator (in like 6 trash bags) and myself on the way to the ER to have the bite looked at.

The cat will be tested for whatever killed it today and when I find out what that was, I may have to go back to a doctor to get some kind of preventitive treatment.

Stupid cat!

Stupid me!


Needless to say, cats beware! I've never been a big fan, but now? Forget it!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Doctor, My Eyes

A jam-packed lunch hour, yet again!

I had to run all the way across town to pick up 1 contact lens. I really thought I had more contacts for my right eye, but upon ripping the hell out of my previous lens, I found no more in the bathroom cabinet. I didn't even keep the box so I couldn't order anymore from 1-800-contacts. !.

I call the eye doctor, with hope. I thought my perscription was expired, but I had just ordered some left eye contacts a couple months ago from 1-800-contacts and in order to process the order, they have to get verification from the doctor. Usually they won't do that if your prescription has expired. But they did, so I was happy. So I call the doctor and the verdict?
"You'll have to schedule an appointment before we can order you anymore contacts because your prescription seems to have expired 11 months ago."

Now, here is where I have an issue. My perscription hasn't changed in oh, I'd say 4 years AT LEAST. I need contacts to see. I have glasses, but don't want to wear them every single day of my life until contacts are shipped to me and really, I don't like having to pay eleventy-million dollars in order to see. So I tell the woman that as I have just ripped my very last contact and my prescription hasn't changed since 1974, could I not just get some freaking lenses ORDERED if I make an appointment right this very second?

"I guess I could give you a trial lens to hold you over."

"Well holy geez, thank you."

I have an eye appointment next Friday. Suck.

So today during "lunch", I drive all the way there behind the oldest, slowest lady on earth to get the lens. Guess how much fun that was? None.

The lady behind the counter couldn't find my lens that I was told would be waiting for me today.
"Let me check the back." Sure.

"I'm not finding anything for you back there. Did you call?"

No, I just walked in off the street and figured you'd give me one random contact lens for fun.

"yes." I gave the ENTIRE backstory as to why I was there.

Let me look up your name.

"Your prescription expired LAST OCTOBER!" Yeah, I gotcha.

"Any you JUST RAN OUT OF CONTACTS!?!?!?" Yep. I then had to explain the whole 1-800-contacts saga. And, I feel at this point, do not attempt to lecture me about my last visit to the EYE DOCTOR. It's not like I've been putting off getting that cancerous tumor checked out or ignoring that pesky body-numbing chest pain. For one, I haven't had vision insurance until recently, which means a heafty fee out of pocket and two, if I can't see, I'll let ya know.

Whatever, now the lady informs me that she will have to get permission to give me the contact because BY LAW SHE CANNOT JUST GIVE OUT CONTACTS. Okay...another short aside...A, what is the deal with me and the law? Can't get wedding pictures because of the law and now contacts. And why do these people have to point it out to me so harshly like I'm going to report to the FBI that I was given contact under the table. Yikes! And B, give me a freaking break with this! If anyone gets arrested for attempting to use contact lenses 1 week before a scheduled appointment, I will voluntarily go to jail to escape the stupidity of this world. Holy cow.

I got my contacts. What a shocker there! The great and powerful OZ of the eye place granted his permission for me to have my trial lens! I was so nice in saying thank you and assured them they would be seeing me next Friday. Crazy eye doctor ladies!

Then I had to get lunch on the fly and eat in the car and managed to SPILL ON MY BRAND NEW SHIRT and I think it's stained! Sorry, Mom (she bought me this one yesterday)! I'll buy a new one.

Happy lunch hour to you all.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Prairie Song

It's starting, for real.

This weekend is our annual Prairie Celebration at work. 2 days of reinactors camping out and displaying their skills as blacksmiths, basket weavers, metal workers, bead makers, collectors, educators, corn husk doll makers, and musicians. It's a pretty cool scene. There is food, kids' games, a reptile show (which I used to do), a raptor show, and a vintage baseball game on Sunday afternoon, tours of our 1860s homestead, and wagon rides. And everything (but the food) is free! I don't know why more people don't take advantage of this event. We get hundreds throughout the weekend, but free entertainment? There should be more.

What is weekend also entails is a ton of planning. I had to schedule as many volunteers as possible to work in all different jobs at different times and make sure this person wasn't paired up with this person and this person was inside and this one was able to be sitting all day or this one got to only come for 1 hour of a 4 hour shift and then I had to work in the college kids who always help out for service hours and finally I had to fill the open spots with staff members and then place myself into the remaining holes in the schedule, all the while making sure nothing conflicts with anything else. And that's not even the real hard work that other staff members get to do.

This weekend will also entail a ton of running around, answering public questions, directing traffic, dealing with volunteers' complaints about "how things used to be and aren't anymore", the aforementioned filling in of vacant spots, restocking coolers for the reinactors, and helping to oversee the general schedule of events. I'm gonna try to get some sort of food for myself in there at some point, but a traditional lunch hour? Forget it.

It's an exhausting time, but it's a good event. It does mean working 9 days in a row, but then hopefully I'll get to take the last couple days of next week off to compensate. No overtime for weekend work for me, but I'll take a day off later.

If you're in the neighborhood, you should come by and take a wagon ride!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You're Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady

So, the guy who comes and sprays our work and offices for bugs (while we are still in them, should I be concerned about that?) was just in my office. He is very nice but he ALWAYS calls me "little lady" like I'm 2 or a small show dog or something. I really don't enjoy that and I think I might have come across as less than pleased with his presence today. He comes in:

"Hello, little lady."

Eye roll and dead pan "hi"

"How are you today?"

Still dead pan "fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh, yeah."


Please for everyone out there who refers to women as "little lady", "honey", "baby doll", etc. Understand that she might not enjoy that. She might (hubby calls me baby doll, I love it) but if you are the bug guy or the grocery guy or a strange guy in general, she probably doesn't, so don't.

Just had to throw that out there today!


You Say it's Your Birthday

Many celebrations grace my calendar in September...

2nd- Mom and Dad's anniversary (36 this year)
6th- My friend Kayla's daughter's birthday (the big 1)
11th- My sister and brother-in-law's anniversary (4 years)
14th- Dad's birthday, the big 6-0
26th- Hubby's birthday, the big 2-6

Tonight I'm going out to dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday that was on the 1st and a few co-workers have birthday's in September as well. Many, many things to celebrate this month.

Hope you all have fun things to celebrate too!


p.s. As an aside, if you read my sister's blog yesterday, you would have learned of the 24 hour 90210 marathon that was our labor day. I share her sentiment in those observances of the show. I watched the "new 90210" last night and though I had to keep pausing the show to help Danny find random things in the house (a t-square? Do you think I know where that is?) and let the dogs out, I have this conclusion: I enjoyed the throw-backs to the old series (Hannah Zuckerman Vasquez doing the morning news and the comment, what is she like 30?, Erin Silver as a character, Nat at the Peach Pit, etc). The story line wasn't too bad, but it might just be a little cheesy yet. It earned another viewing, so we'll see how things go.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's Stay Together

Just a shout out to my parents...

It's their 36th wedding anniversary today! Having been married almost 3 months, I must say...impressive!

Happy Anniversary!


Hot Fun in the Summertime

So last weekend was the "last weekend of the summer" even though fall doesn't begin, really, until the 22nd, but nonetheless...goodbye summer.

And today, the high is 93 degrees. Seriously summer, I'm done now. You've made your point, I recognize, shove off. I am ready for 50-60 degree weather, turning leaves, long sleeves, all that autumnal paraphenalia I think I should decorate my house with but never really do. I've grown tired of my summer clothes.

It always happens to me with each season. You pepper your old tried and true outfits with a few new pieces each season and feel good about your selections. Then you try to space out the new with the old and get a good rotation going so you don't end up wearing the same green top every Tuesday. For a good long while you pull this off, then slowly but surely the season's weeks begin to drag on and on and eventually, you find yourself not only wearing that same green top every Tuesday, but also on Thursday and then again on Sunday. Where in the world did all your clothes go? This phenomenon gets me every time! Inevitably, I stain a shirt or two, get a hole here or there, or just get sick of something all together, but here I sit at work in a green top thinking, did I not just wear this last Tuesday?

Soon this will be my winter-time lament, but right now I have some cute new long-sleeved tops waiting to be worn.


Monday, September 1, 2008

I wanna rock and roll all night

So here are some photos from the weekend...the first few are at the benefit.  Jason on lead guitar, Mike on Bass, hubby on drums, and me and then the last one is at the labor day party, Ross on guitar, Nick on drums and me.