Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tonight, the Heartache's on Me

Disclaimer: I realize most of my posts of late have been pregnancy-related, but that's really what's going on in my life, so hang in there a little longer...I sure am!

Okay, so pregnancy has been a wonderful thing, really.

I had about 3.5 days of nausea there in week 5 or so and then couldn't have been more tired until about week 14, but that was the real extent of my discomfort...and sleeping isn't so uncomfortable.

Throughout the first two trimesters, people asked how I felt and I had no complaints. So many other women go through hell during their pregnancies...I didn't feel like I had any of that, yay me!

Entering the 3rd trimester, I noticed that I was a bit more uncomfortable. Tying my shoes was getting ridiculous, and stairs really started slowing me down. And the heartburn. Oh the heartburn.

I've had heartburn probably everyday since week 12. Now, I didn't include it in my "discomfort" column because it was so managable. 1 Tums and I was all set. It seemed like just holding the Tums bottle near was enough to ease the heartburn away. What a fun time that was!

I was awake from 1am -4:30am last night with wicked heartburn. This has been my new nightly routine: eat dinner, get heartburn, shower, heartburn, fall asleep at 8:30pm, wake up at 1am/1:30am, get heartburn, watch TV until 3:30am-4am, pop Tums like I should be on Intervention, fall asleep until alarm at 6:20am, address needs of dog, dress, put on shoes, get heartburn. The recliner was my saving grace last night as lying at all flat was COMPLETELY out of the question (ps, I have heartburn while I type this, just so you can be right here with me). Sitting up was the only solution, and nothing says "restful night's sleep" like sitting up in a recliner!

So, with just about 9 or so weeks to go I'm getting really ready to no longer incubate a tiny person. The overall pregnancy has been great and I've really enjoyed it, so much so that I will most likely do it again someday, but seriously, for me (because I know others have had it much worse...my sister developed GERD, for the love), I'm just about done. That is all. Also, I heart Tums.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

There's a place where I can go and tell my secrets to...

Here are some photos...no video this time.  We are just rolling right along with just over 10 weeks until the original due date.  I was pushed back 2 weeks, and while I agree there is a good chance I won't deliver before or on the original due date, I don't quite agree with the 2 weeks push back.  We'll find out soon enough, I suppose.

Tuesday is my last monthly dr. appointment, after which I will be going every 2 weeks.  I have definitely started feeling more pregnant now that I'm in the third trimester!  My baby shower is in 2 weeks...perhaps a little early, but I will have plenty of time to stock up on anything I still need afterwards and will also have plenty of time to drive myself crazy with all my baby gear before while waiting to actually have the baby.