Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saturday In the Park

Good news! I no longer have to work this Saturday! Hooray for rain!

Now, if only Harrison would learn how to sleep past 6:30am, I could actually sleep in for once.

What I am doing this weekend is going up to Chicago with my sister-in-law for her brother's dance show. He's a dancer/pilates instructer (aka in very good shape) and I've never seen any of his shows, so when she invited me to go up with her, I agreed. Should be a fun time!

And on Sunday, Danny's mom is making lasagna for dinner! Looking forward to that for sure.

Yesterday I had the day off from working last Saturday, so my mom came over and we FINALLY painted the dining room baseboards and other woodwork. Wow, that was only a year in the making? Then we did a little house cleaning and rearranging, trying to stage the house for when it goes on the market, hopefully in the next couple of weeks...please...I'm typing this to you husband...let's do this thing.

Danny finished his last class for this year of his apprenticeship. 4 years down, 1 to go! When we started dating, he was almost done with his first year and I was told that he would NOT be moving in/getting married until he was COMPLETELY finished with his schooling. And I just needed to understand that this was his LIFE PLAN and he would NOT alter his was the first time he really had definate life GOALS and no matter what, I just needed to get on board with THE PLAN. So, now that we've been living together for over 2 years and married for almost 1, I say...GOOD PLAN! This just goes to show us all, sometimes plans work themselves out the exact way they are supposed to, without us having to help them along. Also, if my dear hubby has any regrets about his wayward plan (which I'm sure he does NOT) I point out to him that this year's tax return was far better than his last year. Chalk one up for marriage.

Wow, isn't it weird how my blogs end up. I start out with one thought process, and then all this "stuff" just comes spilling out onto the page and you get an amalgamation of news and stories. I guess you can't have fun blog themes all the time.


ps...I have seen the clock today at 11:11, 1:11, and now, 2:22. Told you!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Boom Boom Pow

I've got a new song obsession!

It's been awhile since the last one I blogged about.

This new one, Boom Boom Pow, is a Black Eyed Peas tune and at first, I was not impressed. Way too techno-sounding for me and what is "boom boom pow" anyway? Nevertheless, I found myself bopping about my office. So, the next time I hear it, I discover that in fact, I LOVE this song! I can't not dance to it when it comes on the radio, which is of course, 1100 times a day. So I encourage you to seek this song out if you haven't and give it 2 listens. You'll love it by the second time through. BOOM BOOM POW (stupid, but catchy)!

Speaking of boom boom pow, we were supposed to have all kinds of thunderstorm activity today and while it did rain pretty hard for like 8 minutes, I'm seeing no lightening, hearing no thunder. I am ready for our spring storms! Nothing major, I don't need to have my home relocated or anything, but a little lightening and thunder? Is that too much to ask? I'm sick of this wimpy drizzly business. Let's just do this thing and move on to sunny skies.

Segue to Festival of Spring...very sunny and warm, I even got my first sunburn of the season, though very mild. We had roughly 700 people out that day and I ran around like a crazy person, per usual. After the event, I dragged myself home, showered, saw my husband for the first time in 2 days (in his new glasses no less - he's so cute!), suffered through watching the NFL draft (seriously, that is boring) and headed to my brother and sister-in-law's house for a "wine and wigs party." I wore a wig for the obligatory picture of all of us in our wigs and then I took it off for the rest of the party. Also, I drank no wine or alcoholic beverage of any kind, so I guess I didn't really participate in the theme so well. But, I did eat food, drink water, and rock out on Rock Band, and leave promptly at 11pm...which was way longer than I thought I would make it being tired and sunburned. It was fun! Who doesn't love a good theme party?

Sunday I had to address our laundry situation. Let's just say I was minus pants without ridiculous holes in them and underwear. It was a weird clothing day for me. But I managed to get some stuff clean so I can sit here at work with underwear and a complete pair of pants.

Also, as a side note, while I appreciated the beautiful weekend weather we had, I'm going to have to "tsk tsk" at the humidity in April. I will not be bullied into turning on my AC in April, so mother nature can just take her humidity elsewhere until at least mid-June. And our octogenarian of a house just doesn't cool down well, especially when only like 4 windows open. So, I realize I've spent a good portion of this blog as a weather stickler, but darn it, that's just how I feel!

How do you feel?


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poison Ivy

Yep, I've got that.

Do you recall all the "outdoorsy" things I did last weekend? Well let's add contract poison ivy on my hands and waistline to that list. Fantastic. Now, I will say that at this point, I'm not to the state of misery that usually accompanies poison ivy. At least this is what I'm told. In all my 25 1/2 years, I've never had the stuff. I've worked here at the Conservation District going on 7 years on and off the trails and nope, never had it. So now that I have a nice cushy indoor office (where I've also gained weight from sitting in a chair most of the day) I get poison ivy. Bonus plus 2. I'd rather go back to the outdoor work when I never was blessed with such an attractive affliction. So, perhaps the unberable itchiness will kick in just in time for the Saturday event that I can in no way miss. That would be perfect timing. "Sure, I can come into work, but I just can't use my hands or wear pants...shouldn't be a problem." But I'll be here! And my husband, who is severely susceptable to this stuff refuses to touch me in any way. Enough said.

Now for my Public Service Announcement on Poison Ivy:

Rest assured for those of you under the wrong impression, poison ivy cannot be spread by scratching or touching someone's rash unless they still have the active oil from the plant on their person. You can in fact get the rash from your clothes if the oil hasn't been washed away, or you pet's fur, but if you have washed yourself, clothes, animals (in cold water with soap) then you should be fine. Sure, you might have already been exposed enough to contract the rash and will break out in a few days, but you have stopped any further exposure due to washing away the oil (Urushiol).

See, I've learned a couple things from work...

Anyway...stupid poison ivy!


I Wish to go to the Festival!

It's that time again! Time for another event at the old workplace!

The Festival of Spring is this Saturday. Wagon rides, kids' games, fishing derby, canoe rodeo, river clean up, bird shows, storyteller, food, face painting, and sign up for summer camp to boot!

Whew, I'm going to be exhausted.

Another Saturday of work. This makes 2 in a row, with the 3rd next weekend. Can't wait until this little stretch is over. I'm a big fan of Saturdays, mainly because they don't include work. Oh well.

I really have no other news to share. Harrison killed a baby bunny last night at my parent's house. She was pretty proud of herself on that one and put up a bit of a fight when Mom tried to get it from her. Bunnies beware that yard! They've had a good run at it the last few years with no dog around, but now that she's officially moving in there, word better spread that she means business! The squirrels still manage to torture her from up in the trees, but the bunnies and the neighbor cat better watch it.

The weather is finally shaping up after all that rain and cold, so I fully intend to enjoy that! More yard work to commence on Sunday!

That is all.


ps...what is the title of this post from? What song? What place? What entity? Anyone?

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's raining on Sunday

My arms are sore.

And my hands.

I did a whole load of "outdoorsy" stuff this weekend.

On Saturday morning, I got up bright and early and went to work! Love that. I had to participate in a volunteer Restoration Day at one of our sites. Only like 4 hours of my day, but I did manage to work up a sweat chopping down invasive plants out in the woods. I also had to provide food and take pictures. I'm a multi-tasker, apparently. That reminds me, I still have the company digital camera out in my car...let's try to remember to get that out of there before something bad happens to it.

After all that choppin' n' sweatin', I ran home, took a shower, and Danny and I headed off to Bloomington for our nephew's 2nd birthday party. Not only did I partially, somewhat, kind of climb a tiny bit up a fireman pole (I've never been able to do that, and I really still can't), chase bubbles, and climb through a oh-so-slippery and somewhat small playground tube, I also took my turn on a giant teeter-totter you stand on, and got into a water gun fight with my husband, though not by choice. After all that outside business, I was tired! We drove home and I promptly fell asleep on the couch. I'm pretty sure I was in bed by 8pm that night.

On Sunday, I again got up bright and early and my mom came over and we did yard work. I dug holes (until I made Danny finish the job), trimmed hedges, pulled dead things, and eventually worked carefully to cut back a very thorny hedge! Why anyone would ever choose to plant such a deathtrap of a shrub is beyond me. It's hardly decorative either. However, we prevailed over said thornbush. We spend a good 3 hours working that day, in the rain even, and I did end up taking another nap that day, but not before I visited a friend for a bit while Danny did a side job for a friend of his.

So tonight, unless it's raining again, Mom will return with electric hedge trimmers and I will go to town at my house! It's all an effort to pretty it up so someone will decide to buy it! We've got to get in on the market soon. Danny's done a ton of work in the back yard, we have a whole newly landscaped portion with mulch and plants and all that. Harrison LOVES hauling ass through the new mulch. She also enjoys the fact, I'm sure, that it turns her feet red, especially when it's rainy and she's outside assisting with home projects. I know I do! But anyway, soon Danny will start on the few projects we have inside and then, hopefully, someone will be charmed by our house's unique qualities as we were, and buy the damn thing!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Does Anybody Really Know what time it is?

I am notorious for checking the time when all the numbers are the same...i.e. 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. (Darn it! I just missed 2:22...but I totally caught 1:11)

I do this all the time! They say you're supposed to make a wish when you see these times and I always do. So far, I haven't seen much come to fruition, but then again, maybe I'm not paying attention in the right way or something. Maybe I'm getting some secret alternative wish I know only in my subconscious that is triggered every time I see these "magical" clock times?

That's a little deep for me today.

Some days I can really get into being deep and appreciate others who can do the same. People who get really into the mind/body/soul connection and meditate outside or commune with nature...I can really get into that whole scene sometimes.

Other times, it kind of makes me gag. I feel those people are trying way to hard to be serene and I resent the hell out of it. This is probably because on some subconscious level, I am jealous of their peace of mind. See? There I go again!

Also, I find it very difficult to be altruistic and non-material when the weather is gross and cold. You see, when the weather is gross and cold I just want to buy Starbucks (not grind my own coffee beans like the "naturals" do) and watch tv (the root of all evil). Don't get me wrong, I want to do both of those things everyday, but on gross days, I want to do it with pride and hey, maybe I'll stop at Walmart and buy something unnecessary and use a non-reusable bag!

See, I'm a complicated woman...

Do you really know what time it is?


Monday, April 13, 2009

Call Me On the Line

Oh my goodness! What happened to my blogging?

Well, I'll tell ya what pesky job got in the way! Darn job.

Last week, I held the biggest event in my department...the annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner. I changed the venue this year, I scaled back on some things, I upgraded some things, I took heat for some things, and I disregarded opinions of those higher up than I on some things. It was a whirlwind! However, it came and went without incident, I got rave reviews from the volunteers, and now, it's over for a year! The next day I attended an all day volunteer conference away from my work and that was nice. I took Thursday off and Friday was a holiday, so I've had a lovely little break from crazytown, U.S.A. aka the conservation district. Don't worry though, I'm right back in the middle of ridiculous today. Seriously, this is a place where deer walk around like nothing and eat grass and squirrels prance around...what happened to all that serenity? It's like an ER around here and I refuse to participate in the absurdity of that.

Whoa...end rant.

Easter weekend wasn't too bad. I took many good walks with Harrison and my mom, I took naps, I made ham, and then ate ham, and then ate more ham. We had a big dinner at Danny's parents house with, ham, and lot's of other good food. All the kids (ages 25-30) got their annual easter baskets and we were pestered for not producing grandchildren fast enough yet again. But aside from the guilt trip, I had a lovely time.

I realize I have posted absolutely no pictures from various events I've experienced and I'm going to have to confess something here to blogland: I suck at documenting my life in photographs. If I don't forget the camera in the first place, then I forget to take pictures or, quite frankly, just don't enjoy taking them. I have a few from Harrison's birthday way back when that I could share and I completely didn't take any camera to the New Kids concert! Oh well, guess it lives in my memory!

The other big news of my time away...I have a new phone! Yes, I've upgraded from the old phone I've had for the past 3 years. I'm also not one of those people who gets a new phone every other week. I feel that my phone is sufficient and I don't need it play music or do my banking. However, I left the phone charger in Bloomington after the concert and after my phone died a mere 8 days before I could get my phone back, I faced a dilemma. So where did I turn? My technology-friendly, money-spending, loves-to-buy-new-stuff hubby. I altered him to my situation. He volunteered to go buy me a new charger. I agreed to that. I'd been putting him off for months on the "let's go get you an upgraded phone" front. I was just never in the mood to go get a new one. I think I have an unrealistic assumption that it is a way more undesirable process then it really is. So while I was out with Mom on Thursday, he went out and upgraded my phone for me! I didn't even have to go! I love that! After we send in the rebate, the phone (which is really nifty, by the way) will end up being less expensive than a charger for the old phone. I was presented with my upgrade after I got home. It had all my numbers and pictures all in there waiting for me! I have been tinkering with it ever since. It even plays music! But I don't use that feature. Again, I don't need my phone to entertain me.

So, right now I'm about to leave work and go home to eat dinner (ham) and fold laundry. One of these days I will realize that my house will need to be clean because one of these days, we're going to sell it, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Have a good one!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

You've Never Heard of a Talking Horse?

Okay...what in the heck happened to Nick at Nite?

Right now, the only shows aired in primetime are Home Improvement, The George Lopez Show and Family Matters. If you make it until the am hours, you'll find some Roseanne and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but that's about it.

I remember watching a lot more shows than this, and not all that long ago. And they were classic shows, not shows that only just went off the air. And more than 5 in the rotation! I am upset with the current Nick at Nite and wish it would include some of the "oldies but goodies" it used to entertain us with.

Here is a sampling of programs that appeared on Nick at Nite from the mid-80s until the early 90s that I remember watching with my family:

Mr. Ed
The Patty Duke Show
My Three Sons
Get Smart
Green Acres
Mork & Mindy
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
The Monkees
Make Room for Daddy

And there were more great shows that aired even more recently than those that Nick at Nite included in their programming in the late 90s and early 2000s (that's sounds weird to me, but whatever):

The Andy Griffith Show
Family Ties
Perfect Strangers
Head of the Class
Murphy Brown
Who's the Boss?
Growing Pains
Mad About You
The Wonder Years

And there were many more than these airing throughout those time periods. Now we have so few to choose from. I wish we could recycle some of the old ones back in for our viewing pleasure. It's all about recycling these days!

Anyway, I decided this was a blog-worthy topic and if it seemed a bit incoherent, it's due to the fact that I am absolutely in need of lunch and therefore unable to correctly focus on anything other than my lack of food.

In conclusion, I want my Mr. Ed back! And some Wonder Years, and Mary Tyler Moore, and...well you know.