Sunday, January 10, 2010

There's a place where I can go and tell my secrets to...

Here are some video this time.  We are just rolling right along with just over 10 weeks until the original due date.  I was pushed back 2 weeks, and while I agree there is a good chance I won't deliver before or on the original due date, I don't quite agree with the 2 weeks push back.  We'll find out soon enough, I suppose.

Tuesday is my last monthly dr. appointment, after which I will be going every 2 weeks.  I have definitely started feeling more pregnant now that I'm in the third trimester!  My baby shower is in 2 weeks...perhaps a little early, but I will have plenty of time to stock up on anything I still need afterwards and will also have plenty of time to drive myself crazy with all my baby gear before while waiting to actually have the baby.


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Leslie said...

oh Erin... so so close. everything looks so lovely.. enjoy the next few months.. your in for an amzing year.