Thursday, April 22, 2010

Push It

Here is the birth story...

Sunday morning, March 21st, I was bleeding (sorry for the graphics, but these are the facts) so I called my doctor and she recommended we go in for a "labor check" at the hospital. So, at 8am (I think) we headed to the hospital with hopes of returning home relatively soon. Danny had a big poker game scheduled for that afternoon and I, frankly, wasn't quite ready for the big show.

I got all checked in and hooked up and indeed I was having mild contractions, but they were pretty certain I was not in active labor...but wait around for 30 minutes while we monitor you and the doctor will come in and check you out. 30 minutes later, they decide to have me drink a bunch of water to see if my contractions are drink this water and wait another 20 minutes, meanwhile the doctor was nowhere to be seen as of yet. 20 minutes later the doctor comes in, checks me, I'm 1 centimeter dialated, so definitely things are starting, but it could be days until active labor starts. Let's have you hang out for another 2 hours while I go do a c-section and then I'll check back. Meanwhile, Danny is starting to go crazy just sitting next to me in a chair in the triage room which is not very large and our tiny tv that gets 12 channels is not that exciting and his poker tournament is 2.5 hours away. Fun for me to listen to him complain while contracting.

So the nurse has me walk the halls for 20 minutes to see if I progress at all...if I do, they will admit me, if I don't I can go home. At about 20 minutes, I run into my doctor in the hall who asks "What are you doing?" "I'm walking the halls," I say. "Why?" She asks. "Because the nurse told me to." I reply. "Let's just check you again so you can get the heck out of here." Fantastic.

Still at 1 cm. I go home. Danny goes to poker.

At 10 pm, Danny returns home, didn't win, and lies down. I remain in the recliner where I have been most of the day, well, let's be honest, most of the last 4 weeks. At 10:30pm, my water breaks. Off we go again!

Again we get checked in and I get hooked up and 4 different people were doing things: hooking up an IV, strapping monitors to my stomach, explaining the different medicines being administered, having me sign consent forms, and getting a medical was a lot. Then, all of a sudden, we were left alone in our room. Danny got some sleep and I labored from 12 am to 5 am through contractions that came every couple of minutes. At 5am I reached 4 cm and got my was wonderful. The nurses recommended I get some rest, but it's really difficult to sleep while you have a blood pressure cuff on that goes off every 15 minutes because you have an epidural. So I got no sleep. I was given pitocin to kick up the labor and within 2 hours I started to feel an odd pressure. I called the nurse to check it out. All of a sudden, it was go time! It was just after 7am and my Mom had just arrived to check on us and she was pulled in to help encourage the labor. I was having intense pressure and really wanted to push but the room wasn't ready and the doctor wasn't there yet so the nurses kept telling me to breathe through the urges. Yeah right, I was totally pushing. You tell me how not to push after you go through labor.

45 minutes later, there she was! 8:22am!

She really made it convenient for all involved. Danny got to play his poker tournament. Mom got to be there and get to her 8:45am appointment, she was born on my uncle's birthday, which I was asked to shoot for, she came on a Monday so my sister was able to come down easily and she was born in the morning so everyone was able to visit after work. What a considerate baby. Also she was born 1 day before my original due date which I always maintained was the correct due date and not the one a week and a half later that my doctor was sure of.

It was an incredible experience and you can only truly know if you experience it. Danny was fantastic, it was great having Mom there and now I have the cutest little girl on earth. 1 month old today!



Little Candle said...

Congratulations!(again) Sounds like things went smoothly and I am glad. Are you getting sleep? Is she a good eater? How is your doggie doing with things? What is her middle name? Post more pictures when you can. Big hug!

erin said...

Her full name is Eleanor Jean Moyer and yes she is a good eater. We made the switch to formula at 1 month and it has been a good move. I would love to get more sleep, but I'm doing fine with what I get. She varies from waking every 3 hours some nights to sleeping for a good six (last night). Harrison is adjusting and has learned to love life outside as she spends way more time out there these days...thank goodness its springtime!

Hope all is well with your family and you're feeling good! Baby #3 is just around the corner!