Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies

Or cloudy, rainy, chilly skies...

So, 4th of July...really? That was it? Independence Day, Land of the Free, and I spent it how?

I woke up at roughly 7am, and it was darkish outside, cloudy. I fell back asleep and awoke later (obviously, but I don't recall the time...9am-ish?) and it was still dark and cloudy. Now something about my house, and I'm going to be bold and post this even though we are in a "state of sale" because I don't think any of the 7 people who read this blog are planning on purchasing my home...well our house, you cannot tell if it's raining. Let me clarify. It's not like there are no windows, quite the contrary, but just the positioning of the neighbors and trees and things of that nature, you have to literally walk up to a window and look out to see if it is raining. So, when I woke up and saw that it was dark and cloudy, I was unsure if anything else was going on. Apparently, it was raining.

And it rained

Happy 4th of July! A day to get outdoors and light sparklers, have block parties, grill out, golf, swim, hang out with friends...not this year! Not at all!

We were invited to a party, initially starting at 6pm. Then, due to forecasted rain, it was changed to 2pm. At 2pm, it was pouring, but our friends were determined to have their party. So it was moved back to 5pm. Danny went. I, however, opted out due to my Sunday plans. I remained bored at home with the dog, continued re-reading my Harry Potter books and watching tv. We got into bed at like 9pm, due to Sunday plans, and listened to fireworks. I saw no fireworks this year. They postponed the official fireworks until Sunday night, but lots of individual Independence day celebrations went ahead with their own and I listened to them while Harrison barked at them for about an hour. Happy 4th of July! We didn't go to the rescheduled fireworks on Sunday because of my Sunday plans.

So the Sunday plans...woke up at 5:30am, tried to get dressed. I put a particular t-shirt into the dryer the night before and only the t-shirt to ensure its dryness for that day. Apparently I did not set the dryer for very long because upon opening it up the next early morning it was more than damp. So I tried to get a few more minutes of dry time in, but ended up donning my uncomfortably damp t-shirt and "still wet from fording through the river that was the Kroger parking lot yesterday" jeans that I thought would be dry as well. Then a co-worker picked me up at 6am and low and behold he had an official event t-shirt for me to wear for the event of the day: The Rodney T. Miller Triathlon. It's Chicago Bears' orange, so Danny feels I can easily sew some kind of Bears logo over the Triathlon logo and wear it this football season! Sure, hon!

Anyhoo, I was one of 12 volunteers for this triathlon, who would be in "safety canoes" out on the lake for the 1 mile swimming portion of the race for tired swimmers to hang onto during the course. We had 5 people stop by our canoe and almost tip us, and we had to maintain our position for 1 hour before the race actually began in the cold, drizzly, windy weather. My back it sore today, but all in all, it was a decent time. However, after spending roughly 5 hours down at the lake and getting up oh-so-early on the last day of my vacation and working for free led me to not want to return to the Lake and sit and watch fireworks with Decatur's finest and get bug bites. Also, Danny golfed that day, all day, and he was too tired for fireworks. All fireworks. Instead, we got Pizza Factory calzones (of which I only ate half, whereas a few months ago I would have eaten the entire thing...portion control, it's essential) and ordered the movie Notorious off our On Demand. It's the movie about the rapper Notorious B.I.G. It was pretty good, entertaining anyway.

And so today, Monday, July 6th, I find myself back at work after a week of a fantastic vacation and great 26th birthday, which I will blog about next time. What was waiting for me when I returned? Well, here's a short list:

-Lots of mail
-Lots of email
-1 potential new volunteer
-1 potential new volunteer clean up event
-My CPR/First Aid cards made out to "Erin Moyes"
-An article deadline that I was assigned WHILE ON VACATION (what?!)
-Missed co-workers
-Not missed co-workers
-Lunch hour phone duty
-No voicemails! Hard to believe, but appreciated.
-A new calendar of events
-A "typo" pointed out to me on a flyer I created
-A "typo" on an already-created pamphlet I used to create my flyer, therefore negating a "typo" on my part. I pointed this out with a smile.
-Chips in the kitchen. There are ALWAYS chips in the kitchen. I ate none.

Sad to be back, yet okay with being back. And what's really getting me through the day is the rest of my calzone waiting for me at home. I even texted Danny to remind him not to eat or let anything happen to it because I AM GOING TO EAT TO TONIGHT AND I CAN'T WAIT! Portion control also makes you manical about leftovers, apparently.


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