Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're Moving on Up

My parents have officially moved into their new home and that means, it's time for us to move!

This will be a slower transition that usual, I think, as we have not yet sold our current home. So some of our furniture will have to stay put so as to "stage" the house, while other stuff can be moved over. We are also going to paint before we get too many things over there, which will be great! Way less work when you don't have to manuever around furniture.

As far as our current house, we have a lady coming back for a second look tomorrow. She's single and looking for an older west end home, which is exactly what we're offering! Also, when I purchased the home I was not married and when the girl I bought the home from purchased the home, she was single (I think...), so this house should be right up a single gal's alley! Anyway, I'm hopeful. That way I don't have to end up paying two power bills.

Here's something tragic in my life...
Facebook no longer works at my computer at work! None of us can figure it out! We don't think it was blocked, but what else would be causing the problem? I know we're probably not supposed to technically be on facebook at work, but I don't really care, plus, I've caught the boss on it several times. But now that I don't have it, I realize what a good chunk of my day I devoted to facebook if I had no other real pressing things to accomplish. Not Cool!


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now you can spend more time blogging!