Thursday, September 17, 2009

You've Really Got A Hold on Me

My ode to Macaroni and Cheese...

I love macaroni and cheese, any kind really. I especially love the old run of the mill, out of the box Kraft kind. I know, I'm fancy. It seems like mac and cheese has had a significance in my life from a very early period.

My first memories of mac and cheese...I can't have been older than 3 or 4, and I, excuse the graphic nature of this memory, but I got sick in the hallway of what is now my home again and my sister SWEARS I left a "macaroni trail" which I kind of recall. Gross, but there it was.

Every time I was sick or stayed home from school with something, my mom made me macaroni and cheese, and to this day anytime I feel under the weather, that's what I want to eat if I feel like eating. And it's really perfect if Mom is around to make it.

It was the food I could make myself from start to finish, no problem. Since then I'd like to say my culinary skills have somewhat improved and I've even made mac and cheese from scratch, but I did get the timing down to a flat 7 minutes when it comes to the kraft version.

And now that I'm growing a person, its the food I want ALL THE TIME. I guess you'd call it a craving. Now don't get me wrong, I don't eat this stuff everyday (Mom, this is for you), and I'm happy to incorporate other foods into my meals, but I kind of need it at least once a week. Today at lunch, Danny made some and I couldn't get out the door to head back for work until I had some of his...I already ate my lunch. I asked him to pick up some at the store the other day and when he came home with 12 boxes, I figured I was a little obsessed.

Hopefully, when my child is old enough to fully enjoy the goodness that is mac and cheese, I will let him/her actually eat some.

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