Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Been a Long Time, I Shouldn't Have Left You...


Even though I've been having a jam-packed Fall season both at home and at work what with moving, attempting to sell a house (seriously...sell already!), big work events every flipping weekend, mourning a loss, having a spouse, and growing a person...I just haven't felt remotely interesting lately. Nothing too blog-worthy to note. So, I guess here is a quick run down of some of the activities I have found myself a part of in the last few weeks:

-Hubby's 27th birthday with corresponding party at our house = firepit, marshmallows, good friends, 2am (haven't seen that time in many months!)
-Bears' football season
-New bedding for our bedroom, new light fixture for the dining room, new kitchen mats and towels
-Helped prepare 24 gallons of chili for a work event, then help serve about 18 of those gallons. You do the math...anyone want some chili?
-Dinners with family
-Walks with Mom
-Falling asleep at 8pm most nights
-Birth of a good friend's second baby girl
-Selling a car (again with the lack of actual sale driving me a bit crazy!)
-Vaccuming dog hair...this is really something that I do way more often than I'd like. Wood floors and Golden Retrievers = many vaccum bags.
-Expanding waistline. Most days I'm all for this pheomenon of waking up fatter, some days, I just feel like a cow.
-Mom's old and my new refrigerator (the same one). I appreciate it daily.
-Preparing for about 5 more weekend work events until they are done for the season. It's not all deer and trees out here people.

So, we've got things going on. We get through each day and on to the next and some are easy and some are challenging, but at least the weather is cooperating nicely.


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