Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Raining on Sunday

The title says it all.  Rain, again.  All week.

Not a bad weekend, all in all.  Had to work Saturday morning/early afternoon and then I got to spend a little downtime at home before going to dinner with my in-laws and then watching a movie with a friend of mine.

Today I was up by 7, did some housework, then went out with Mom for a little shopping and lunch.  Now I am home again, doing laundry and awaiting Sunday dinner, again at the in-laws.

Not too much is happening right now.  We find out the baby's gender on Tuesday and I've taken the whole day off work so we can register and continue to celebrate the occasion!  We're very excited at our house to finally find out who will be joining our family in March.  And how soon is March??  This pregnancy is flying by!

Have a good week!

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