Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here in my room...

Here is the promised updated nursery video!  We're almost done!

Pretty much we've got outlet covers, switch plates, a bookshelf, wall shelf and rug to go, oh and bedding.  But as far as construction goes, all done!

In other news, unless my doctor isn't getting back to me until next week, I don't believe I have gestational diabetes.  My numbers before drinking the glucose drink were very very low and the nurse draining me of all my blood thought it was unnecessary for me to even be there.  But heck, why not use the insurance and spend 3.5 hours of my Friday in the hospital waiting room? All in good fun, I say.  I also enjoyed how anyone there for a procedure has a little light-up, vibrating pager like you get in restaurants.  So techno-savvy!  You might even forget you're at the hospital and suddenly think you are waiting to eat at the Olive Garden.

But anyway...the nursery...

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