Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I wanna talk about...


Okay, this is a random blog and to start off, I just want to say one thing...


The heat index these past few days has averaged right around 105 degrees. Balmy!

What makes it even more enjoyable is the copious amounts of home projects we've endured these past two weekends in order to get the house "top notch" for selling. It's there. It's on the market. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and although it's not quite as bright as it will be, I see the glimmer of being done with this ordeal. Though I will say this, when I pulled into our driveway last night and saw the "for sale" sign in the yard, I got a little sad. And Harrison has bascially moved into my parents house, our house, so we could avoid tumbleweed-sized piles of dog fur rolling around the house and we miss her so much! She'll be home tonight, but then she'll go back on Thursday and any other time our house is going to be shown. Oh this is so fun!

And on a different note entirely, I watched the highly anticipated episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 last night. It was awkward. It was sad. It was hopeless. It was, in my opinion, a cop out. We heard a lot about doing what's best for their kids, but if they truly meant that, I feel like, if it were me, I would stop doing the show, get some marital counseling and see if things could be saved. Talking. Talking is what lets people know the truth. Talking is what saves arguments. These people stopped talking to each other and that is what leads to all kinds of misunderstandings and resentments. I was just discussing this with my sister. And lets not kid ourselves, there are times when talking is REALLY hard, or at least, talking with purpose. But it seems like if you have a relationship that both people want to be invested in, eventually, you will talk it out. You may not figure everything out all at once, but you'll at least see that you both are willing and committed. Okay, end public service announcement for marital discussion.

But mind you, 105 degree heat indeces will make every difficult situation more difficult!

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