Friday, June 12, 2009

Like the corners of my mind...

In a matter of days, our lovely house will be on the market and it will no longer be just our own.

It's a bittersweet feeling for me, really. And even when I am frantically cleaning the carpets, or not just putting my dishes in the sink for two seconds, but going through with it and putting them into the dishwasher to keep the house nice all the time, I have a little feeling in the back of my mind that when the day comes that we move out, it will be sad.

We've only been in our home for just over 2 years. I looked for MONTHS AND MONTHS before we found this little charmer and all it's space and large rooms and character. I wanted it from the moment we all walked in on the day after the terrible midwest ice storm of 2006. And we got it! And we moved in and my dad put everything in place and it was fantastic and then Danny moved all his stuff in. And then we brought Danny's dog, Nick here to live with us (and while this wasn't my absolute favorite thing in life, it was nice to have a little companion in the house...who ruined some carpet). And then we tore up some carpet. And then we got engaged at the top of the steps on a random Wednesday night. And then we started having band practice in our basement. And then we tore apart the dining room. And then we put up a fence for a future dog. And then we brought that future dog, Harrison, home and watched her grow and play and chew EVERYTHING up. And then we had a wedding and opened many fun gifts for our house and found places to put new, shiny things. And then we had a year of wedded memories in our home and now, we will leave. It will be sad, but we're very excited for the next step of our home-owning adventures. And we'll pack the memories and move them too.

So, just a few more days...

Of course, someone's got to buy the darn thing!


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