Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To everything, there is a season

And the summer season, while full of fun, sees very little accomplishment.

Can anyone go shopping for me?

I have a long list of supplies I need to restock my shelves. We are currently down to 1 frozen pizza and water at our house as far as nurishment and that, my friends, won't do. I honestly don't think I've grocery shopped, like really grocery shopped for a good few months. I've grabbed random things now and then and Danny went out once for a couple essentials, but it's been ages since I've gone armed with a list and a dream.

For whatever reason, I have no time or energy to feed us. And we really should be fed. I have totally slacked in the whole "domestic" department. I finally folded laundry (did I put it away, no, is it sitting folded in the basket in the middle of the living room, yes.) after a couple of years. I've prepared like 4 dinners the whole summer I think. Something about the hot and selling a house and attempting to move/paint/be in 2 bands just adds up to very little personal time.

And speaking of selling a house. I have to email my realtor after I finish this blog. I haven't even heard from the guy for a week or so. Seems promising! I realize that he can't just create interest in our house (even though he is a realtor and selling houses is in his job description), but I'm thinking he could at least shoot an email our way saying, "yep, I still remember you guys. Younger couple, great house that I said would sell quick for top dollar that now is taking a long time and we'll probably reduce the price soon...I'm working on a big strategy to get that sucker gone!" When this all started, I was quite sentimental, sorry to see the old girl go, but now...I'm done with her. Thanks for the memories house, but it's time to move out and move on. I'm sick of seeing you with that for sale sign in the yard!

Of course selling the house means someone would have to have a walk through, and that means I would have to re-clean it and get that laundry out of the living room.

But its so hot!

In closing, this blog was meant to remind me that I need to get it in gear and get back to doing the necessary everday things of life. If that means a late night trip to Walmart, so be it.

Remind me I said that next week when we're down to water and baking soda and walking around in dirty clothes, ok?



Emily said...

I just want to say that I miss you on FB. A lot. Boo.

erin said...

I am in the process of convincing the powers that be that our work need a fb page that I would be glad to create, therefore removing the fb block we are currently experiencing. I know, I'm a genius.