Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The beating of our hearts is the only sound...

I am 18 weeks pregnant.

We had another appointment today, and though I thought it unlikely, Danny and I wondered if there was maybe a chance of this appointment being the "big one" meaning the gender scan. It's supposed to come around 20 weeks and low and behold, here we are right around 20 weeks. Danny was PUMPED that this was it, to say the least and knowning my husband as I do, I really tried to drive home that this really might not be the appointment, especially since no one at the doctor's office said anything to me about this being that appointment. I said this could just be another quick in and out, hear the heartbeat, pee in a cup appointment.

And of course it was.

And my did the walls fall down around Danny's world.

Poor guy, he doesn't handle disappointment well, but what could I do? I'm not in charge of ultrasounds.

So in 4 weeks, we will be going for our gender scan and for the love the Jesus I hope we can see all we need to see, otherwise, I'm going to have another grumpy guy on my hands.

But in the meantime, I just love hearing that whooshing sound! And I have only gained 3 pounds since my last appointment, at which I had lost 2, which makes my grand total of weight gain 1 ENTIRE pound. Apparently the key to me maintaining my weight while eating without thought was getting pregnant. Who knew? Also, I'm sure that's all about to end as we get farther along. Too bad, it's like magic!

If my camera was worth anything, I'd have a few bump pictures to post, but alas, it's utter crap. That's something I'm going to have to work on before March for sure...so maybe I'll get a wild hair and get on fixing that situation and posting some photos. We'll see!

Looking forward to November 17th!


ps. that new Miley Cyrus (sp?) song is on the radio right now and I really really don't enjoy it.

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