Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head


So much rain this fall. Days of unending rain. Sometimes I can get into the feel of a rainy day, especially when I'm home with a movie to watch or something, but all day for days on end gets depressing. You just end up taking naps at inconvenient times and eating "comfort" (translate = caloric) food. At least, I do.

But in happier news, this is my first weekend in a long time that I have nothing work-related to do! Hooray! Fall is a ridiculous time of special events at the Conservation District, and I'm so done with it. Too bad I can already think of 4 more weekend happenings coming at me in the next 4 weeks. Boo on that. And as a result of all the special events...we have SO MUCH FOOD AROUND HERE! Danish, muffins, chips, pretzels, cheese, crackers, candy, chili, cookies, hot's a pregnant woman's fantasy land. Thank goodness I have a lunch meeting today so I will be away for the tremendous (in size) lunch being prepared for us today by a volunteer...6 pies for dessert alone! Ridiculous.

So, I'm just trying to stay dry, avoid massive amounts of food, and find some down time this season. Can't believe we're getting towards the end of October already. Also ridiculous.


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