Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Monster Mash

It's almost Halloween!

I'm realizing that this will be one of the last Halloween's that I don't have to do much.

I pretty much stopped trick or treating in middle school, when a lot of my friends kept doing it for a few years. Besides myself and a few friends, there were a ton of other kids trick or treating in my neighborhood, so when we kind of lost interest, that was that. For a few years after that I helped pass out candy, but over the years the trick or treating really dropped off in my neighborhood.

Then I went to college. And literally I am trying to remember what we did on Halloweens...I know one year we opened our door for kids who would trick or treat at the dorms (that was Freshman year, when there was a lot of other options on Halloween and our dorm was so far from life, it wasn't worth the walk). But seriously, I can't recall specifics on college Halloweens. Hmm.

Then I had my own home in a more popular trick-or-treating neighborhood and Danny and I were pumped to hand out candy until like the second group came by and then it was a "no you do it, no you" kind of thing. Lost lots of appeal very quickly.

So last year, we went trick or treating with our nephew which was nice and we didn't have to deal with buying/eating/handing out candy, though since Austin was only 1 and a half, we did eat most of his candy...sorry, buddy.

This year we are going to a Halloween costume party (I got really creative and bought cat ear and a tail...whoo!) and again, won't have to worry about candy, however, now that we've moved back to my childhood home, I doubt the trick or treating has picked up much.

From now on though, I will have a child, upon which this holiday really revolves. Costumes (do I go store bought or homemade?), candy (do I go cheap or fun?), eventually classroom parties (do I become a room mother or stay out of it?) trick or treating (who stays to pass out candy and who takes the kid?). It's no longer a "whatever" time of year. It's one more opportunity to make a lot of decisions, get cavities, and above all else, have fun.

Happy Halloween!



Juli said...

I remember the first halloween at EIU when we all walked around campus, went to that weird haunted house in the dorm building, and later informed Amanda of the true meaning of sex in front of the education building while "stripping" on a pole and posing by the weird "art" in front of that building... And I saw clowns at church that night leading me to never got back to church again...

Anonymous said...

wow.....you can't remember that, Erin?

erin said...

Yes! I kind of remembered walking around campus, but I had no recollection of the haunted house (so dumb) or teaching our 18-year old friend about sex. Thanks for helping me Juli!