Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ain't She Sweet

Had the 1 hour gestational diabetes test a mere 7 points!

I go back for the 3 hour test on Friday morning, so here's hoping I get to enjoy all the Christmas treats per usual...otherwise, it's a sugar-free holiday for me!

I went in very confident that I would not end up having gestational diabetes, even though my sister had it and I tend to follow her trends. Now, I'm not too hopeful that I won't fail this next test also. Oh well, I suppose being forced to have a healthier diet is only a good thing and will make losing post-baby weight an easier task? Or will I just go off the deep end after having the baby? We'll go with the first scenario...if I, in fact, have it.

In other news, the nursery is so close to completion! I will post another video of progress soon. And, my Christmas wish is almost complete with all the furniture being moved over. We now have a complete family room and living room and I'd say 90% of the dining room. We've got a few closest to finish clearing out and one of the guest rooms to empty, plus a large buffet and a couple rugs. The garage is another story entirely, but since none of my stuff is out there and it's all Danny's ridiculous mess, I'm not worried about that...I can't worry about it, because I can't even let myself think about it.

9 days until Christmas. Not quite sure how to feel this holiday season, but I'm going to try to allow myself to feel as much positivity as I can.


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