Saturday, December 5, 2009

In my room

Today I did some nursery power shopping!

Danny and I have been really cooking on this nursery.  Danny has ripped up old wood floor and painted and prepped the room for new floor, installed a new light fixture and cut and painted new trim.  Our crib, changing table/dresser, and glider/ottoman combo have been ordered and today with A TON of help from my mom, I purchased window treatments, a small pink table (which we bought a new glass drawer pull for), frames for some pictures I had, and stuff to make our own mobile for over the crib which we then did make.  It was quite a day!

I honestly think this room will be the nicest in our house and we'll probably all spend a lot of time there.  

Here is a peak into some of the work done...also, we are training Harrison to not come into the room unless asked, so that is why she can be seen running from the doorway.

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