Monday, December 14, 2009

All I Want for Christmas...

This year, Danny and I decided to just pick out one gift we wanted that the other person would provide, and then maybe one or two small, inexpensive things just to have something to unwrap Christmas morning.

Then we bought new hardwood floors for our other two bedrooms...Merry Christmas to us!

He picked his out and it is now sitting under the tree, along with one other fun Black Friday find I picked up at Target. I, however, had a hard time thinking of something I really needed or wanted. I usually can't think of anything and he is left to determine what to get me all on his own, the poor guy! Well, this year, I figured out what I really wanted...what I really, really wanted.

I wanted the rest of my furniture moved into our house...before Christmas.

I'm done with the "staging" of our home to entice buyers. Nothing is enticing buyers and I want my stuff! We've been living there since September with 2 entire rooms empty of all furniture as it stood out for show in the other house. I'm done with that! I was actually done with that a long time ago, but preoccupations kept me from getting to antsy about it.

Then I did get antsy.

I wanted my stuff.

I wanted my house to be complete.

And I wanted it done soon.

And since I can't do much lifting and hauling these days, I was left to abide by my husband's time table for doing projects he doesn't want to do. And I couldn't take that any longer, so I offered up my Christmas gift in exchange for getting our house in finished, working order. At first, I had given him the deadline of March, so it was at least all moved over in time for the baby (also I REALLY hope our house is sold by flipping March, but I'm not counting on it). Then, I determined that if this was really going to be my Christmas gift, I wasn't going to wait until March, it should techincally be finished by 2 weeks. Go!

Today I came home for lunch and shortly thereafter was my husband and father-in-law with my lovely living room chairs and dining room chairs and then came our other couch and desk and tools went back with them to take apart a guest bed and dining room table. Oh the progress!

With this "all-of-a-sudden" action of Danny's, though, comes a little disorganization that I never enjoy. We have a few pieces of furniture whose places of rest are occupied by remnants of the current nursery project. So they will have to sit in the middle of our dining room until those spaces open back up. Let's just say I am not a fan of multiple projects happening all at once.

But I am a HUGE fan of having my furniture, all my furniture in the current house where I live.

Merry Christmas to me!


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