Monday, January 5, 2009

Hardware Store

(this is a song by Weird Al, if you are not aware)

Danny and I went to Lowe's on Saturday night...yes, we are that exciting...and bought a new dishwasher! Our former dishwasher didn't so much "wash" the dishes as it coated them with little bits of food and left them covered in some sort of residue. Now, you might say to me "Erin, had you just cleaned out the bottom of your dishwasher extra well, you probably would see better results on your dishes." Back to you I say, you may be right, but A, the dishwasher was at least 10 years old and 2, ever tried to get into the back of your dishwasher to clean out all the bits of old food? It's a task. You might also say to me (and this was said to me by a coworker) "What, are you arms broken?" Implying that I should just wash my dishes by hand. A little backstory on that...I used to be a dishwasher one summer at a little tea room in my hometown, so I am familiar with the ins and outs of washing dishes and all that it entails. We also handwashed dishes at my parents house for the last few years after their dishwasher broke and they decided to use it for storage purposes. My response to this lame attempt at conversation was in fact, "no, my arms are not broken, but you try to resell a house with a broken/or no dishwasher." Not that we're moving anytime soon, but someday we will want to move and people might question a large dishwasher-shaped hole in our kitchen cabinetry. Anyway, we have a new Whirlpool, Quiet Partner II energy star appliance, and my handy plumber installed it and got it up and running the very next day!

Other than that, it's been a quiet few days. Danny is done working 12 hour shifts from 7pm-7am and is back to his class schedule after the holidays. We are moving the location of our band practices from our basement (yay!) to Mike the bass player's basement. This is good and bad. Bad because now anytime we practice people don't have to go outside to smoke and it will be smokey all around me but good in that if they are just working on songs I don't do much on, I can just stay home. This could be the beginning of my slow exit from the band anyway. Let's face it, someday I'm going to pregnant and band practice probably won't be high on my to do list anymore. Either way, I'm happy that our house no longer hosts band practice.

In dog news, Harrison continues to be the cutest thing on the planet. She spent all last week at doggy day-care courtesy of Mom and Dad as Danny required his days to be for sleep only and Harrison isn't a big fan of any sleep past 7am. Nick, however, remained at home and was perfectly happy to sleep in the bed under the covers from 10pm when I went to bed until 5:30 pm, when Danny got up for work. This morning when I tried to leave the house, Harrison was not too pleased at the fact that she was not encouraged to run to the car to head to "grandma and grandpa's" house. Life. It's full of adjustments, isn't it?

So we all continue to adjust to whatever life throws at us...but really, I can't complain.


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Anonymous said...

I don't believe the dishwasher in your parents house is broken...just no longer needed for the job of so few dishes to washing dishes by hand gets your rings so very clean!