Monday, January 19, 2009

O'er the Land of the Free...

Well you had to know this blog would be of a certain theme...

Who isn't excited for tomorrow?!?  I hope my boss doesn't mind me doing nothing but watching the inauguration...I think the world of volunteers will wait for one day.

I had work off today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day...I did a WHOLE LOT OF LAUNDRY and watched Harrison bark at the neighbors shoveling snow.  I did manage to shower, however I did not manage to change out of my pajamas.  

This weekend wasn't all that eventful as I assumed after my jinx of a last blog.  

Friday night, wow I can't even remember what happened that day!  Oh, Danny was sickish but still managed to go to poker.  I spent my last night with Nick the dog (he's gone) and did not much.  Seriously, I have got to get a few more exciting Friday nights lined up in the next few months.  My last entries have included lots of "well, I did absolutely nothing this past Friday!"

Saturday I pack up Nick and Danny left to help his brother move and spend the night up there.  I hung out with my parents all day (with Harrison) and had a really nice time with them.  After a recent health scare with my Dad, it was nice to just hang out.  He's doing just fine now and even has a more positive outlook on life and all the colorful people in it.  

Sunday I went walking at the country club with Mom and was a nice workout, up and down those hills, in the cold!  Danny got home soon after that and we had a nice afternoon together watching football.

Today, like I said, is laundry and pajamas.  As of right now, pretty much all of our clothes are nicely put away so we can start that whole process over again.

What's coming up?  Well, this next weekend I'll be in a wedding for my good friend Juli...she was in my wedding too.  So we'll be off to Peoria Friday.  We were going to have to spend about $250 on a hotel room for 2 nights (remember when I blogged about that?), but thanks to good friends of my parents who have a weekend home in Peoria (he works at CAT, but they live in WI), we get to stay with them for free!  I'll take it!  So I'm trying to get things packed for that and lose a couple more pounds (of many).  Also, we'll be stopping through Bloomington on the way home on Sunday to have lunch with my sister, who's 31st birthday is that day.  So I have to remember to bring gifts and clothes and my dress...I'll need a list.

Everyone tune in to INAUGURATION DAY tomorrow!  History in the making!


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