Monday, January 12, 2009

Just Dance

Been awhile hasn't it?

Sorry, I'm sure there's a myriad of reasons I haven't blogged in a few days, but I won't bore you with them! It's Monday again, had a decent weekend.

Friday night, I did absolutely nothing! I know, I know, wild woman...but I had to work Saturday morning, so I pretty much ended up falling asleep early and was okay with that.

Saturday, had to work, as I mentioned. It was the volunteer quarterly meeting and I got to work around 9:30 after briefly falling asleep on the couch only to wake up to find Harrison had gotten ahold of a paint pen and punctured a hole in it. She is now sporting a few yellow blobs of paint on her chest and legs. She did manage to keep paint off the floor, however, and I didn't see much evidence of it in her mouth. She's my baby!

So I get to work and proceed to make chili and cornbread for 35 people and we had a the majority of people show up even though it was a touch icy outside. One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE volunteers (not) complained to me as usual about something small and inane, so it was pretty much a success.

I went home after that and Danny and I cleaned the house! It was great! I was cleaning and cleaning and he just came home and pitched in without being asked. I was impressed...he even steam-cleaned the kitchen floor! I didn't do laundry, I had every intention of doing it Sunday...

Saturday night I went to see Bride Wars with Ashley. It was alright. Then we went out for a couple drinks...I had 1...and listened a bit to a band that was playing (which we had to pay $4 cover for, thus the 1 drink). Ashley inspired me to really get on board with this whole "I must be healthier, and hell, I could also weigh less" movement I've been half-assing for a few months now. She is looking fantastic and finds the time to exercise with a 2 year old, so I have no excuse! Even though Harrison likes to get in between my legs anytime I am attempting exercise, I will prevail!

Sunday I went shoe shopping/pants shopping with Mom. She owed me some shoes from Christmas (which I found on sale) and I found some khaki pants for myself and my husband (also on sale...but I think everything is on sale these days). We hit up the store afterwards, so I could get some healthy food alternatives for breakfast and lunch and I did exercise that morning too. Sunday dinner at Danny's parents loomed ahead of me, with the promise of good food and fabulous desserts. I, in fact, prevailed! I had portion control like no one's business and when dessert was brought out (hot fudge sunday pie, no less), I ate one bite of Danny's and that was it. One bite allows you to taste the dessert, but not gorge yourself on it. That was at 4 pm, and I did not eat the rest of the night.

Today, Monday, I again exercised in the morning and had my yogurt/blueberries/wheat germ breakfast and my salad lunch. Way to go me! Danny brought me to work this morning so he could take my car to get oil changed and grocery shop. He's my house husband for the next week or so as he was laid off on Friday due to no work...damn winter/economy!

Oh, the reason for the post title...while at the bar on Saturday, Ashley and I were watching the people dancing on the dance floor. This was an older crowd, and there were a few older couples breakin' it down out there! Does it not give you a great sense of admiration for those couples who've hung in there all these years and they still have enough passion to get out and break it down on a Saturday night every now and then? I told Danny that as long as in 40 years we can still manage to do just that, I'll consider our marriage successful - despite weight, job loss, fights, kids, dogs, what have you...just as long as we can still dance!


ps. I didn't do laundry on Sunday either!

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