Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

So, I was in a wedding last weekend.

My good friend Juli, whom I met in college, got married on Saturday and I was one of the bridesmaids. They got married in a cute little chapel and had a really nice reception with great food and good dance tunes. The bridesmaids wore black and carried a red rose. The nice thing was we got to choose our own dress styles so there was a bit of variety there. We even got to ride around in a GIGANTIC limo after the ceremony, so that was pretty cool.

Now, when I woke up that morning and saw the temperature was 0, -13 degree windchill, I never expected to be taking outdoor photos, but indeed, we braved it and got a couple of shots, sleeveless dresses and all! The boys were complaining about being cold and their feet hurting in their shoes to which myself and the rest of the bridesmaids offered to trade dresses and heels for flat shoes and suits with JACKETS! They stopped bitching.

Danny accompanied me to this wedding and with the help of our trusty Garmin, driving was no sweat (save for the bridge that we had to cross, which is a large majority of the reason Danny was there...I. don't. do. bridges. PERIOD.).

We stayed in a house that belongs to friends of my parents, thus saving us a little money on a hotel room. This house overlooks the IL river and is so nice! It was like a little getaway spot.

I wish I had some photos from the wedding to share, but I put Danny in charge of taking pictures and he chose to drink tequila with my ex-boyfriend instead. Yes, my ex was there as he lives in the same town as Juli (whom he met through me) and they see each other from time to time. So, along with some interesting dancing from my husband (which I love, good or bad dancing, at least you're out there with me), and a somewhat intense evening of discussion for both of us following the wedding (I have REALLY softened the description and experience of that), I have no pictures. A few of the other bridesmaids have pictures so I'll try to snag some of those from their facebook pages and post them here.

But, all cold weather and intoxication aside, it was a successful wedding and I hope the newlyweds have a happy life together. And even if you do fall subject to too much tequila, you learn to work it out and regroup and if you're lucky (and I think we are) you learn something from your experiences. Good and bad. Chalk it up to that old saying "live and learn."


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