Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen,Goodbye!

Our household is soon saying goodbye to one member...

Little Nicholas, the rat terrier (my "stepdog" for all essential purposes) is moving away. He's packing his bags and taking off, in a mere 3 days.

Yes, on Saturday, Nick will join Danny's brother Ty in his move up north to Ottawa. Ty was recently promoted at work and has taken a new position, which includes relocating about 2 hours away. So Nick will be his roommate up there, sharing a little house, keeping each other company, and no doubt visiting whenever Ty comes back into town.

This means, we will now be a 1 dog family...this is just fine with me. Now, I don't think it's any secret that Nick and I had what you might call a "love-hate" relationship. We had our share of disagreements on things, it's true. But, I will miss some stuff about the guy.

-Nick will ALWAYS spin in circles whenever you are handling cheese slices. We refer to this as "circles for cheese!" And I find myself using this phrase anytime people get excited about the possibility of something happening..."oh man that would be so cool! Circles for cheese!"
-You can really have a conversation with Nick. He pretty much knows exactly what you are saying, especially when you are unhappy with his choices...he gets it. Now, this doesn't mean he'll change his ways, he just knows what you're saying and hides under a chair accordingly.
-It's really easy to bathe/groom Nick. Just toss him in the kitchen sink and you're set! He's not going to jump out, too far down. He will, however, look incredibly pathetic and sad the entire time. Same with clipping can just hold him in the crook of your arm and get the job done.
-Hands down, best bed warmer there is. I will definately miss the little furnace under the covers up against my leg all night long on these cold nights.

So there you have it, my little tribute to the littlest dog I'll ever have the priviledge to live with. We'll miss ya buddy!


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