Monday, December 29, 2008

And a Happy New Year!

Great Christmas!

I went out on the morning of the 24th with Mom to get very last minute things. It proved difficult to back out of my driveway due to thick ice and a power truck in the way (as we were currently experiencing power loss) and Harrison in the car with me barking at said power truck, but we prevailed! Danny got off work early and we got ready that afternoon to go to his parents' house for the annual Christmas Eve celebration/poker game with extended family. It was a very good time!

The next morning we had our own little gift exchange with each other and Harrison (Nick was spending Christmas with Danny's parents, so we had a peaceful night and morning - they don't share toys too well!). I got a lovely set of Chicago Bears' pajamas, really nice-smelling perfume, the complete Wonder Years series on dvd (which I am totally excited to own), Chicago Bears' socks, and a coupon book of lovely little honey-do's which I have yet to use! I got him a light up Chicago Bears' sign (apparently we're fans), a fleece vest, and a make-your-own beer kit. Mom and Dad stopped by to pick up Harrison to take her for a Christmas morning run. Then it was back to Danny's parents' house for breakfast and more gifts. We had quite a spread: cinnamon rolls, hash brown/egg casserole, sausage bread, all kinds of good stuff! Our big gift was a new dvd camcorder so we'll have fun playing with that! I got a great necklace and parafin wax spa thing and my sister-in-law got me a cute little Coach wallet/purse. It was a pretty good haul there. Danny got more Bears' stuff including another light up sign, so we're set there!

We played a little Rock Band before we left. Danny's brother got this for his Wii and it was fun! I am a kick ass drummer too!

From there we drove up to Bloomington for Christmas with my side of the family. This was the first year we didn't do it at Mom and Dad's. I got 2 more awesome purses from Mom (I asked for multiple purses) and after she heard that Susannah got me a little purse, she said I could either send one back or have $50 for new No brainer there! Shoes! Danny got a gift card for drum stuff and, you guessed it, more Bears' stuff including a grill set and pj pants! Austin had a great time with his toys and was so entertained by each one that he didn't even finish opening them that day! We had Dad's lasagna and really good peppermint cheesecake my sister made and Mom and Dad headed home to take care of Harrison for the night. Danny and I stayed that night and left early the next morning so he could prepare for his poker/keg party in our newly insulated/heated garage. It's his man-space, but I park my car in there, so it's fair.

I was absolutly exhausted on Saturday, however we still managed to go to dinner with Ross and Susannah and saw Marley and Me. Good movie, but very sad and too reminiscent of my yellow lab and her ending for me! Went out for 1 whole drink after that (our power was out again!) and finally came home and collapsed into bed! Sunday I planned on cleaning my butt off, but my butt was still missing from the last few days, so I put Christmas stuff away, did dishes and swept the kitchen floor and laid on the couch with Harrison.

Now it's back to the daily grind for a few days before the New Year! Danny's working 5 twelves this week, 7pm to 7am, so he's out for New Year's Eve. My sister and Austin are coming down and we're going to try to actually go out and not just say we are and really end up singing karaoke in my living room until falling asleep at 11 pm.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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