Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You Can Have Whatever You Like

This is my new favorite song of the moment.

Do you recall my long ago blog about No Air and how it was my favorite song of the moment? Well, I have a new one and it's even better! TI's Whatever You Like...man oh man do I sing along to that one! I even serenaded Danny in the car the other night and he loved it (actually he kept looking at me like I was on crack and saying "oh my god")! But anyway, it's a good "dance in your car" song that I happen to really enjoy these days. Eventually it will be way overplayed and I will move on to the next random song to drive my husband crazy with.

Last night we had people over to watch the Bears' game. Another nail biting OT win, but a win nonetheless. It was a good time and I ran through the house picking up clutter and actually, it looks pretty decent, sort of. I still have lots of laundry to fold/wash, but the surfaces are cleared off, which is a big thing. Also, I put our Christmas presents under the tree last night. This is a big deal. They have previously been sitting atop the dining room table, out of the path of dogs that chew up EVERYTHING (ahem, Harrison, ahem). However, this was such a cluttered look and dang it, I wanted my gifts under the tree at some point before Christmas! What's the point of a tree if not to put gifts underneath and enjoy? I was going to wait until tomorrow when I'd be home to monitor all day, but I went for it last night. I still kept my eye on the pile and the dog, but she wasn't the least bit interested in them! I realize that today, that could all be different and anytime the gifts are not directly in my line of sight she could have one eaten in no time, but I'm risking it! She's got 2 days to go. She was fully distracted last night as we had people over for the game, and she was showing off her "balance the biscuit on my nose" trick that she does oh so well...such a smarty girl! Even if she does eat many inappropriate things, she's got the smarts!

I probably won't blog again until after Christmas, and pictures will come soon! Everyone have a very Happy Holiday!


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