Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feliz Navidad!

2 weeks from tomorrow, it will be Christmas!

I feel like the just blogged about it not yet being December and now, December is halfway over! Where in the world does the time go? Really, in the big picture, time goes so fast even when you have those days/weeks that drag on. It seems like some things will never get here or come to be, but eventually they do and looking back, it doesn't even take that long. I remember the countdown to Christmas back in the grade school days. That really did seem like the longest amount of time ever, but here we are, the same amount of time and it just flies by!

Tonight is our work Christmas party at a local restaurant here in town. All you can eat pasta buffet (planned by yours truly). I opted to skip out on the Christmas luncheon as it was also pasta and dessert and really, my willpower to not eat pasta 2 times a day is weak, so you gotta do what you gotta do! Hopefully tonight will be fun. We are supposed to play trivial pursuit, but since 33 people are going, we're just supposed to read the cards to teams, but I'm not sure this will work out to be as fun as first thought (not my plan, either). Other games were suggested, Taboo, MadGab, some that might be easier to play in a larger group, without needing a game board, but these were poo pooed (poo'd? either way I feel like I've just written about bathroom activities) so I guess we'll see! I, myself, love trivia games, even just reading the cards, but again, with so many people, I don't know if it'll work. I'll report back.

2 weeks to go! Hope you've got a handle on your Christmas shopping!



Emily said...

I hope you have a great time! I wish I could go home and just curl up on the couch tonight...but I guess I'll do that after Zumba!

Anonymous said...

and I'm going to Springfield tomorrow. Hope the party is fabulous!