Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

I had 3 nice Thanksgivings this year.

Thursday we celebrated with Danny's parents and his mom's side of the family. Saturday we went up to Bloomington and celebrated with my family at my sister's house. Sunday we went to Danny's grandparents house with his Dad's side of the family. I'll tell ya, that third round wasn't my favorite...too many probing questions into my personal life and too many inappropriate comments made towards me for that to be at all enjoyable. It's an interesting group of folks to say the VERY least.

Friday we took the day off from eating and did absolutely nothing. I did manage to get to the grocery store and that is definately the time to go! 8am, day after Thanksgiving. I didn't venture out anywhere else. My sister and I did the Black Friday shopping for a few years and really, it's fun. You have to be ready for crowds and lines and crazy parking lots and if you are, then you can get into the atmosphere of it. But not this year. I did a lot of online shopping for Christmas this year.

But Danny and I spent the entire day watching episodes of House together on the couch. We have really gotten into that show and it was very nice, especially when the dogs decided to nap at the same time for like 45 minutes! I gave Harrison a bath that day too and that was a process. 80 lb, wiggly dog in our bathtub. I remembered that I left the dog shampoo downstairs right after I got her into the tub and wet, so she was washed with Pert Plus and smelled very nice!

Last night I had a wicked case of heartburn (I'm guessing from the 3 Thanksgiving celebrations mentioned above - even though I felt like I didn't even eat all that much or many crazy things) and couldn't sleep for hours, had to chug the pepto and sit straight up in bed, it was a little concerning to me when I couldn't even really swallow food. Today my throat is sore and I feel overall gross, so I'm hoping I don't have a sickness. I have my giant volunteer luncheon on Thursday so I don't have time to be out for the count.

Anyway, here we are in December and there is snow on the ground too!


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Little Candle said...

Ooooo the Holiday Party! Have fun! I'm sure it is all so lovely. I can picture the center all decorated. Please tell them all hello if you should want to.