Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let me clear my throat...

I am sick!

In my last blog I hinted at the fact that I was feeling a bit under the weather. Yep, still got that. I actually went home from work at 11am yesterday and just slept my little heart out all afternoon. It all started with that stupid "heartburn" which then turned into "throat soreness" which hung around waiting for "nose congestion" both of whom have invited their friends "dizziness" and "tiredness" all of which are being closely monitored by "general feeling of gross".

But here I am at work running around like a crazy person setting up for the holiday party. It's pretty much ready to go now (now being 3:30pm, I started at 10am) so I guess I could go home early again, which I might do. I'm the kind of sick that won't necessarily get you out of school unless you have pushover parents, but will make the day pretty much miserable. Yesterday was an "out of school" day as I couldn't even speak, but today, I'm on the fence. I've been raised to not skip out on stuff. I don't even think I skipped more than 3 classes in 4 years of college and I had perfect attendance my senior year of high school (oh yeah, I'm that cool). So I always feel slightly guilty for not showing up when in reality I probably could be there but feel so much better laying in bed at home.

And I absolutely HAVE to be here tomorrow or all that is good and holy will fall apart. Who will make the announcements at the holiday party? Who will pay the caterer? Who will be blamed when things go wrong? Who will the volunteers complain to about the temperature of their green beans? It's gotta be me. That's my job!

I'm really looking forward to Friday...Friday, here I come!

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Little Candle said...

I hope the party went well and that you will soon be back home tucked in bed. I always loved the feeling I got when it was all over...such a good feeling.