Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Want to Thank You, Thank You

So here I am at work with NOTHING to do and 4.5 hours to go until a 4 day weekend...

But I'm thankful for it.

I know, I know, I complain often about my job here and yes someday I will fulfill my actual dream of stay-at-home-momhood (I'm talking to you here ovaries!), but I appreciate the opportunity to have a good job. A job that pays me enough money and affords me the ability to see a doctor (like I did today!) when I need to, and pay $4 for contact lenses. It provides me a social network that I find fulfilling and allows me to give something back in life. So thanks, job.

I'm also thankful for these things:

-MY HUSBAND! True love amazes me. And I'm talking true love and not, oh I thought I was in love, there really is a palpable difference.
-My family. I'm glad I've never gone through a period in life where I did not appreciate and enjoy my family.
-My in-laws. I lucked out there!
-My puppies. No explanation needed.
-My health and the health of those who are in my life. I appreciate all of you who have overcome some serious issues to be still with us and living well. You know who you are!
-For the fact that there are lots of other things I could include on this list, but won't.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Emily said...

You are so thankful! Good post today!

Anonymous said...

and so many are thankful for you!