Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Air, Air, Air...

Does everyone know that song? It's only on the radio like 947 times a day...

I LOVE this song! I know, I realize it's a catchy little pop song by an American Idol winner and some other guy who's name I don't know, but dang it if I don't belt out this tune everytime I hear it! And then it's stuck in my head all day (and if you listen closely, they don't really say "air" they more so say "ai-ah" do that with me right now...."no aiah, aiah, aiah" - fun right?). However, don't tell my hard core band members as they would probably kick me out for loving this song.

(Oh! I'm listening to the radio right now at work and "Holla Back Girl" just came on...another one I used to belt out - not so much anymore, but it had its heyday..."I ain't no holla back girl". And really, I'm not.)

Speaking of no air, air, air...Danny and I went on a 2 mile walk last night with the puppo's (yes I meant to type an o - that's not a typo). It was really nice. We walked to his parents house and let the dogs have a drink and we had flavor ice pops - score! Then we walked home and died. Don't get me wrong, a 2 mile walk is like nothing, I used to do this all the time with my Mom and our yellow lab Pearl (r.i.p.) but I haven't done this in a while and Danny also walked up and down 7 flights of stairs in steel-toed boots yesterday, all day AND our dogs like to meander and cross in front of us as we walk (Caesar would kick our butts). Go on, add the element of "almost tripping" every 5 feet or so to your 2 mile walk and see how much fun it can be! I should market this as a workout strategy.

Hope you all had a lovely Tuesday. I, myself, had an awesome Tuesday (no boss at work, surprise flowers, dinner with my mom and dad, evening "trip-fest" with hubby, flavor ice pops, and ELF WAS ON TV LAST NIGHT - I heart that movie!).

Band practice tonight, perhaps one run through of "No Air?"

peace out!

P.S. "I just like smiling, smiling's my favorite!"

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Anonymous said...

Glad to be a part of your good day yesterday. There should be a few strung together with the anticipation of Austin coming,job possibilities, house dealings and positive energy going out for everyone.
I'm addicted to this now.