Thursday, July 31, 2008

Love Remains the Same

That's an important thing to remember when the negativity rolls in...

I'm over my crappy yesterday. It actually ended up pretty nice. Danny called me at work after being absolutely grouchy that morning (and I really know it's bad when he wakes me up to be grouchy) and told me to meet him at the movie theater after work. We saw Stepbrothers...funny movie. Who doesn't love Will Ferrell?

As I was driving over to the movies in the horrible 5 o'clock traffic (even Decatur isn't spared) Danny calls from Subway. He got me a sandwich and realized I would have no time to actually eat it before the movie and so he was grouchy all over again and I thought to myself, wow, this is going to be so much fun! So I get to the theater and walk inside to find him standing at the snack counter with an ENORMOUS bag of popcorn and a look on his face that always makes me, "you can't be mad at me because look how cute I am." Harrison has the same face. It's mutiny. And it works. So that ended the whole last few days of childishness and stress. Just like that, the absolute love just works its way back in like nothing. And you have to recognize those times as much as the others. It's so easy to just say, whew, that's over and let's move on. But first, take a moment and appreciate how easy it can be to do just that. That's love.

And my dad totally rocked the cleaning of the windows in the dining room and is coming back for more today! That's major love!

Feel the love people and appreciate the feeling!



Em said...

Feel the love. My husband stayed out until 6:30 a.m. FISHING at White Oak Park with Charlie...where's my love? At least he wasn't out getting wasted, right? :)

Anonymous said...


Little Candle said...

What a sweetie!
Please put up pictures of your dining room when it's done.

Sarah :)