Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Is Us

So here is the story of us...
Danny and I both rode the same bus to school. Ever since I was in kindergarten (he in 1st grade) all through grade school until we started driving/riding to school with those who could drive.

He was the kid who ate skittles off the bus floor that one time and toothpasted my sister's car (along with other cars throughout the neighborhood).
We never really took much notice of each other until high school when I was a sophmore and he was a junior and we were in band together, he the drummer, me a clarinet player. He was first interested in one of my very good friends, Devin, who was in my class and also a clarinet player. He took her to prom that year and again, he and I didn't really talk too much then. Once during a basketball game (we were playing in the pep band) he asked me what kinds of things he could do to impress her and I nicely gave him some great advice, I'm sure. I was completely not thinking of this guy as anyone I would date, ever. Plus, he like my good friend, so that's immediately off limits anyway. Well, I guess somewhere along there, he decided that I was kind of cute and fun and perhaps he actually liked me more. The three of us (Danny, Devin, and myself) proceeded to hang out ALL THE TIME during the summer and beginning of his senior year. I went to Canada with Devin's family that summer and clearly remember thinking, I should be nicer to Danny. I knew he liked me and I used it to my advantage (big tease!) so I thought I should stop doing that. I think though, deep down, I liked him too but just didn't know what to do with myself.
He asked me to homecoming that year. In December we "officially" started was fun, but oh were we ever DRAMATIC! The jealousy and fighting right up there with the fun. We went to prom together and as the end of the year drew closer, I decided I just couldn't really be in this relationship anymore and I waited to end it until school was over. I totally broke up with him THE DAY BEFORE HIS GRADUATION. I know, I know, I'm horrible, thoughtless, and cruel. But I was 16 and he was a handful! We tried to get back together later that summer, we basically went our separate ways. I had my senior year, single and free, and he did his own thing.
I went to college and had a 3 year relationship with another guy from high school, but it didn't work out either. Danny dated a few others as well over the years, but nothing serious.
I started student teaching at the same high school where Danny's brother, Ross, worked as a math teacher and Ross was recently married to Susannah, who were high school sweethearts and she was also a good friend of mine, in the same class. So I started hanging out with them a lot. After student teaching, we were still hanging out and they had a party at their apartment that both Danny and I were invited to (we had not seen or talked to each other in about 6 years at this point). Danny knew I was coming, but was under the false impression I was still with my ex-boyfriend at the time. I found out he was there from my friend Ashley (who was leaving the party as she was VERY PREGNANT at the time). I thought twice about showing up and Danny tried to leave the party before I arrived...however, fate stepped in. As I was walking up to the apartment complex door, who comes out but...ROSS! No, just kidding...DANNY! There we were, face to face after 6 years of nothing and bad blood before that. We said hello and I even hugged the guy! Wow! I asked if he was leaving (the group was heading to a bar shortly) and wondered if he would be meeting us there. Danny said he had every intention of going home, but right then changed his mind and told me he'd see me at the bar.
I went home that night after giving him my number. Hanging out with him just felt good and right and he asked me "So when are we going to hang out and catch up with each other?" If you had asked me earlier that night even if I would have pictured myself going out to dinner with Danny Moyer I would have said no, but something in me just this, it will be fun!
We went on our second first date the next weekend and out again every weekend for about 3 weeks until we made it official.
Just over 2 years later we got married.



Em said...

Even though I know that story, it's so cute! Love it!

Anonymous said...

meant to glad it happened!

Little Candle said...

I knew bits and pieces, but it was nice to hear the whole tale. I think I failed to say Congratulations in my last comment! I am so very happy for you!

Sarah :)

And your new doggie is adorable! Elijah would love to play with her. He is all about doggies right now.