Friday, July 25, 2008

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Well, my hubby is anyway. And what does that mean kids? Overtime!

Yes, Danny is working EVERY SATURDAY for the next few months, I've been told. And while I can completely get on board with all that overtime (come to mama), not having a husband for the majority of a Saturday is no fun! We will be able to save some major money these next few weeks which is great, but if I don't stop racking up the credit card bill (we always pay it off in full) that won't matter all that much.

I can't help it if I just keep finding wonderful things to purchase or, more so, we keep needing to purchase stuff like hotel rooms for weddings (remind me to talk about that later). The nice thing is we accumulate reward dollars to use on our car insurance, so there's that. I keep threatening that we MUST stop the current level of spending and one of these days, I swear we're going to do it. I am seeing a change in our checking account balance. It doesn't get so scarily low each month, we're acutally maintaining a decent balance after paying bills. Yay for us. It's so weird to realize we're grown ups now, and responsible for money, security, the well-being of ourselves and significant others and children (if you've got em).

But hey, that wasn't my point. My point was supposed to's FRIDAY! Let the weekend commence. And I just determined that I get to leave work an hour early for not having a lunch today, so I've got that going for me. I hope you all have fun weekend plans this weekend. I am going to begin PAINTING THE DINING ROOM! People, we're nearing the end, I swear. Tonight Danny and I are going to Mom and Dad's to visit our nephew Austin who is visiting. You can read more about him in my sister's blog (yes she copied me)
Then we are returning home to clean the house. Don't be jealous of our kick-ass Friday night plans.

Side note: I hate having to pay for hotels for weddings. And I hate that I've made people do that for me. Don't get me wrong, I will do it and I understand it has to be done sometimes, especially if you are in a wedding, but why must the hotels be so expensive?! I guess I more so am against the price of hotel rooms. And when people have their receptions in a hotel where they have reserved a block of rooms for like $987 a night and that's the discount?! Damn you people! It's not like you're going to find a cheaper hotel to stay the night. You're already right there in that hotel, just a mere elevator ride away from your king-sized bed, and you are probably not in a drivable state because they give you free alcohol. But you pay for it alright, with the hotel room.

End of rant.


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How did the painting go?