Friday, July 18, 2008

feeling hot, hot, hot

And not in a good way!

It is so flipping hot around here this past week and while summer is my favorite time of year, hot + my attitude = watch your back!

We have 2 dogs at home. This in itself is a constant game of "who's got what in their mouth." However, our situation is even more fun than that. Nick, the 9 year old rat terrier came with Danny, my husband. He's been the "pass around" dog for all his 9 years, staying with this family member or that, and as a result, he's a crotchety old man set in his ways and a fear biter...fabulous. I had no choice in taking him in, Danny's mom said, get a house and take this dog. So we had Nick for about a year, all the while I was wanting to get my Golden Retriever (I grew up with blonde dogs, goldens and a yellow lab). I did NOT want to have Nick and another dog as that would amount to pure insanity. So one week before our wedding, we were in the process of remodeling the dining room (which is still happening - another blog, trust me) and Danny says, lets go get a puppy! And like an IDIOT, I said...OKAY! However, we now have the cutest little girl golden retriever who is not so little at 4 months and 40 pounds, named Harrison. We love her, Nick hates her, its a happy happy family!

I came home for lunch today and found that Harrison had eaten my FAVORITE PAIR OF STEVE MADDEN PUMPS, which like an idiot I left lying where she could get them and both of them had pooped in the kitchen! Seriously dogs! Do you know its hot and mommy doesn't do well with hot!

In the long and short of it, shoes are shoes and linoleum cleans easier than carpet, so we'll all survive, but a 65 degree day would have really helped the situation...

have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

good story...keep telling it. can't wait to see what Harrison chews on next....she know a new puppy song.