Monday, July 21, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Except it's really not manic at all...

Hope you all (and by all I do mean the thousands of readers I have) had a great weekend and didn't melt - see previous post - .

So, besides getting my hair chopped off and highlighted, nothing too outstanding happened this weekend, therefore, I will share the promised dining room story:

2 weeks before the wedding:
Danny and I are having band practice (yes, we're in a rockin' band. He is the drummer - hotness!- and I am the chick singer) in the basement and he went upstairs to use the facilities. Upon hearing the flush, I notice the main plumbing pipe is spurting a small stream of water there in the basement where we were practicing. Hmm, I so calmly thought, that might be a problem (actually I waited until Danny came back downstairs and pointed at it with a horrified look on my face without actually speaking as I could get no words to form). Yes, he assured me, this was a problem. So the group goes upstairs (after practice because god forbid we determine the cause/problem before we finish our cover of Down By the River with the lead guitarists 19 MINUTE GUITAR SOLO WHICH NEVER ENDS EVER!) to look at the situation. Hey guess what?! The wall with the leaking pipe behind it is crumbling away and pressable! Awesome! And somehow, we never noticed this before. Prognosis: the wall must come down, pipe must be fixed, wall must be replaced. Additional "screw us over" prognosis: Our walls are all plaster, so lets tear them all down plus the ceiling and replace with drywall! Assurance from husband (to be at this point): I can have the entire project done in a week for like 500 dollars! Wow! That's impressive, well okay then, lets do this. I will have it painted before we even get married!

Reality: NOT. SO. MUCH!

Like $1500 and 2 months later, we are set to paint this weekend. In the process of fixing the plumbing (which took about 4 minutes) we then had to rip up the bathroom floor and found the subfloor to be rotten. Replace subfloor ($). Buy new peel and stick tile, grout, bathroom fixtures ($). We then needed a new ceiling fan in the dining room as the other was created in 1843 ($$) though we got a deal because we bought the floor model (with no we'll see how that shapes up for the handy man), but we then needed can lights because the ceiling fan didn't produce enough light ($). Home projects...great when finished (we'll I'm hoping)...sucky while ongoing.

We also got another dog during this mess, the aforementioned Harrison, though she is well worth it and has found great joy in chewing up little pieces of plaster/drywall/insulation. All taken out of her mouth before injestion, but a fun game of chase in the meantime!

Perhaps pictures of the project will be posted, but not until all is finished. So check back next July!

Thank you and have a good day!



Em said...

I love this blog!! You'd better keep up on it so that I have entertainment!

Anonymous said...

accurate accounting of the situation and very interesting to those of us looking to be amused this morning...thanks and keep updating.