Friday, March 20, 2009

Gallon of Gas

So...interesting day...

Apparently, we're having some kind of gas leak here at work today.

Earlier this morning we all started smelling something really bad, seeming to come out of the elevator shaft. It got worse and really smelled like natural gas. So about 30 minutes later, we were given the word to evacuate and the fire department was called and we all stood outside for a good 40 minutes while the fire department ruled that whatever it was "wouldn't kill us" and we could all go back in.

Well, we (we being not so much me) are trying to figure out what exactly is leaking and until we do and figure out how to stop it, I have to sit at the front door of the Nature Center and tell the public they cannot come in. We have all the doors and windows wide open, letting the leaking substance out, but in the meantime, it's been decided we cannot have public in the building. We, however, remain.

So, this is quite a way to end the week if I do say so myself! What's your Friday been like?


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