Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let's Get It Started

Why is today not Friday?!

Here I sit, in my office, thinking "yay, it's Friday!"



I never enjoy that. Boo.

I have done literally nothing here at work today, besides getting a cup of coffee and taking a walk over lunch. And now, there is no more coffee and I'm hungry. I did eat a salad and some craisins and almonds, but my body says, I would like some more...and there is frozen Pepperidge Farm cake in the freezer here and left over lasagna and chicken alfredo. And it's THURSDAY!

It seems like Friday because many people are gone today. I also have this overwhelming feeling like you get on the last day of school...great anticipation...but for what? I don't know! We have no plans tonight, no weekend plans, except for a funeral for a good friend's father, who was a friend himself, which I'm 100% not looking forward to. And it's THURSDAY! I still have to come back here tomorrow...I certainly am not anticipating that!

I guess there's just something in me today with a "let's get it started" attitude. Let's get the weekend started? Let's get some fun times started? Apparently, something needs to start soon. Let's get something started.

Now the word "started" is weird to me.



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