Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh What a Night

I did some interesting things last night...wanna hear about them? I'll take that ability to respond in no way whatsoever as a "yes."

First, let me back up and say a few things about the weekend and being married.

We had our first paying show this weekend, the band I mean. My co-worker owns a bar and we played there and it was a pretty good time. I, unfortunately was still recovering from the cold of all colds from almost 3 weeks ago, and so my voice was a bit less than stellar, but we did alright. The crowd seemed entertained and that's all that matters. And, oh yeah, we got paid! It was weird to get paid after singing being that I've only done it voluntarily in plays or at karaoke bars and no one pays you there. So it's a pretty nice bonus!

So that was the big event of the weekend. The marriage part is this: are there times when you are more aware of being married than others? Not at all in a, "hey I think I'll cheat on you because I don't feel like I'm married" way...I mean, sometimes I am very aware that Danny is my husband and sometimes we're just a couple of people, married, yes, but not necessarily on my mind.

For instance, at the show or at band practice, it's more like we're simply band members than husband/wife. This is almost crucial because you have to focus solely on what you're doing...singing/drumming. Like, when I am belting out a tune, I don't really think, "hey my husband is the drummer back there." However, during an instrumental break, if I happen to turn around and see him doing his thing I often think, "oh yeah, that's my husband drumming back there."

Last night, I accompanied my husband to our local city council meeting along with many of his fellow union members. The council was hearing debate on something called the Responsible Bidder Ordinance which would create stipulations that must be followed for any company to bid on constructions projects in our city, including having a licensed apprenticeship program, something not many non-union companies have...so there was quite a bit of debate going on. We stood outside the meeting in a little hallway listening because there were SO MANY people there for this issue. This became one of those times when I was very aware of my husband. I really got into the issue and thankfully had read an article explaining it all beforehand so I had some idea of what was going on...usually I don't pay a ton of attention to local stuff like that. But man, I was into it. At one point I felt that I should get up on the nearby table holding aloft my "union" sign...but I didn't...and there was a clear sign stating "no signage or placards" were allowed in the meeting anyway. But I felt it my duty to be a proud union wife, as I am also a union daughter, even though I drive a foreign car (oops...sorry, I like toyotas!).

After all that unionlove, we went to dinner and then home for a different kind of unionlove...ha! Sorry. I'll keep it clean.

All in all, it was an interesting evening, and I'll be keeping you posted on how the vote turns out on this local city issue, because I know you are all wondering.

I'm Erin Moyer and I approve this message...


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Anonymous said...

what a loyal union wife/daughter....raised well with the help of union wages and living well with the help of them again (when the work picks up) and knowing how important they really are. ..I'm surprised you didn't do any table standing, but glad you held it together and maintained a dignified approach.