Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday To You!

I'm doing this a day early to ensure it gets done!

Tomorrow is Harrison's birthday. She will be 1. It will also be the 2nd anniversary of us moving into the house. Big things happen on March 25th.

Now, I know many people feel it is odd or even crazy to go all out for your pets, but I always have and until I have kids, probably always will...might even go all out after kids too. One of the best parties we've had was for the first birthday of our yellow lab and her brother, Pearl and Hank. There were party hats, cupcakes, hamburgers on the grill, the works! Of course it helped that the owners of Hank were also good friends of the family, but still, quite the shindig!

We don't have anything major planned, but we are taking a trip to petsmart to let her pick out a toy. I don't really know how we'll manage choosing just one, but we'll do our best. I've been debating getting her a dog bed, but I still KNOW that she will just eat it, or at least destroy it at this point in her life...so I haven't yet decided on that.

And the fact that she is one year old, means that we've almost been married for one year. Wow! That was so fast! There were so many weddings in 2008, and I haven't heard of too many for the spring/summer of 2009 yet, at least we haven't been invited to any at this point.

I'll try to remember to bring the camera for our shopping adventure and post them, I'll try.


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