Monday, March 2, 2009

Coming Out of the Dark

Wow! What a germ-filled last week I had!

I spent the weekend in Bloomington with my sister, doing our taxes and trying to break her son's fever...I came home with a nice rebate and the plague!

I went into work on Monday doing just fine, but right around 3pm, I started feeling some soreness in my throat...I immediately took cold pills. It didn't quite work out.

I went home from work that night, put some laundry in and made dinner, but by the time dinner was ready, I was so down. Achy, freezing, sore throat, I felt horrible!

It persisted into Tuesday and I couldn't make it to work. Wednesday I attempted to go in for a few hours to get things done that had to be done that day and then I drug myself back home. Thursday was the worst! I woke up with such clogged ears! They hurt so much! I went to a walk-in clinic to get some antibiotics because this was ridiculous. 2 hours later I took my first pill and all I could do that entire day was lay around and moan. Friday was a tiny bit better, but again, I was out for the count. Saturday I felt better and got myself some Mucinex D...this is great stuff. It breaks up all that crap and allows you to breathe! I even felt good enough to go see my brother and sister-in-law in a community theater play that night and it was nice to get out of the house!

So, even though I am still a little clogged and my ears haven't yet popped back to normal quite yet, I am considering myself "healed" in that I can function and speak and am not blowing my nose every 3 minutes. Seriously, I used up the only box of kleenex we had and then proceeded to use the remaining 3 rolls of toilet paper left in the house and then when things got desperate and before anyone could get out for more supplies, paper towels. Ouch! My nose is very sad after all that. I've almost made it through 2 more kleenex boxes, but it has really slowed down the last 2 days.

As for Austin, he is still battling the sickness and will hopefully be on the mend soon! 9 days of fever is rough!

And my husband deserves a special "caregiver" award for how well he took care of me last week. Even when I looked liked death warmed over with eye puss, nose crust, unbrushed hair and teeth, and vicks vapor rub toilet paper sticking out of my ears (it was not pretty), he was still right there, cooking meals, shopping for supplies, bringing me whatever I wanted and sleeping on the couch. Love you, hon!

So, I am going to try to be a bit more productive in blogland for the next few weeks!

Avoid the crud!

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Anonymous said...

glad you're back and feeling well again.