Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's All About the Benjamins, Baby

Doing stuff to win money is fun!

This Saturday is a culmination of events. My mother's XXth birthday, our annual pancake breakfast here at work and the Meridian High School Trivia Night back at my old high school.

We will be celebrating the birthday at the pancake breakfast and then again the next day and then again the next weekend (man she really knows how to have a birthday, that Mom) when my sister and family come down for that weekend...we've also got a paying band show that weekend!

The trivia night, that is the social event of the season! This will be my fourth year competing and hopefully my third consecutive year winning that bad boy! And you win money! Like $250! However, you have a team of 10 people...and then you always donate it back to the school...so it's really just for the prestige. Even so, my team has won the last 2 years in a row, beating like 12 other teams made up of teachers, writers from the paper, other former students, etc. Our team consists of myself, my brother-in-law Ross and sister-in-law Susannah, my mother and father-in-law, Susannah's parents and 2 aunts, and another friend from said high school. We all have our specialty areas. Other friend is all sports and history, Ross takes care of obscure facts, math, music, and movies, I handle pop culture (I watch the most tv, apparently), a bit of history (it was my major) and music. I could name everyone's specialty, but just know, we cover a broad spectrum! We also have a good range of ages on our team to know random trivia from different decades and past and present "current" events. It's a pretty fun time and hey, it's how I give back to my school, because I certainly don't plan on writing them a check anytime soon! So even if it's not "all about the benjamins" it's still a really fun evening with friends!

I'll let you know how we do...I'm so accustomed to winning, I feel it won't be near as much fun if we don't!


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