Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Coming Down

Except now it's Monday afternoon...

Had a decent weekend. Went to a funeral on Saturday, that's wasn't a highlight, but the rest of the weekend was good. Danny won a pretty little pile of cash in the finale of his poker tournament Friday night. We stayed in on Saturday night and made dinner together and watched a movie. Sunday I tried to hang out in bed and watch tv while Danny slept, but Harrison was NOT having that. She didn't even want to be outside, she just wanted me to not be in bed, so we played "maybe this will occupy your time for a while, oh not so much" with a few of her toys until I made her bother Danny enough to get him out of bed and then I got out of bed. I attempted to be productive: folded laundry (finally!), showered, walked the Dog, took out the trash, then went to Sunday night dinner at the in-laws for homemade fried chicken and blackberry pie!

Tonight after work I must address the dishes situation. We have clean ready to be put away and dirty ready to go in. I also need to clear out the "too old to eat" leftovers from the refrigerator. At least I don't have to make dinner thanks to our "not too old to eat" leftovers from last night.

Also, Friday afternoon, Harrison decided it might be a good idea to ingest our aluminum foil box and she potentially ate some of the serrated edge on the box. So after talking to the vet, we decided to "bulk it out of her"...sorry, kind of gross...and she enjoyed a weekend full of wheat bread and extra treats. She seems to be her usual hyper self and so I think she only managed to chew up the serrated edge, which I don't think would be at all enjoyable...but she's a wonder!

Tomorrow night we're taking our bass player out to dinner to celebrate his birthday last week. It's up to me to pick the location, so I'm trying to figure out a good place that we don't always go...somewhere different! I'm also trying to figure out what level of restaurant to go to. Do we go cheapo and hit up a pizza place? I'm not going to go uber nice and hit up one of the fancier places in town because A, I'm cheapish like that and 2, I feel like we'll be uncomfortable there, this particular group. So, I'm thinking middle of the road, somewhere where a few extra drinks won't break the bank (because we might have some drinkers in this bunch) but not so cheap that we get our drinks in styrofoam containers.

Any suggestions?


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