Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Saturday Night...

We had another show (we = the band).

It was REALLY good! We had a good sound system (for once) and good mics and a good crowd and it was fun. Did we get paid? No. Free drinks is all, but I don't normally drink during a show so my voice remains "buzz free" and I can be sure my sound is what I want it to be. So...for me it was free water! Score! But it was still fun.

Let's back up to Friday night...

Went to see Twilight with Susannah, Millie, and another friend of Millie's. Now, when I was invited to go, I hadn't yet read the I had to go out (or send my Mom out in reality) to quickly get it and read it in less than a week. I almost finished before the movie, but I had the general plot down and saw some spoilers online so I was good. I am a stickler about reading books before seeing movies (and when I say stickler, I mean I read the Harry Potter books first and ever since then, I will try to read the books first). The movie was decent. It skimmed over A LOT of stuff from the book, but that happens when you have 2 hours to tell the story and it got some things out of sequence and I'm not really sure why that was and I think it threw in some things from other books that were not in the first one because I didn't recognize some of the story lines, but all in all, it was good. And Rob Pattinson who plays the main character? Whew! I felt like I was 13 years old leaving the theater...he was so dreamy! I now have a small crush on him (and he was in the Harry Potter movies as well). We had many teeny-boppers in the audience with us who all swooned and screamed when he first came on the screen and the 4 of us kind of groaned and thought, oh you kids...well by the end of the movie, we were all a bit "swoony." And I did mention that when I pulled into the theater parking lot, a Jonas Brothers song had just come on the radio, so I felt my night as a middle school girl was pretty much complete! Plus, we went to Steak and Shake afterwards and got was a toss up between margaritas and milkshakes and milkshakes won out! So yeah, it was a little flashback to 1996 for me.

Sunday Danny went to the Bears game in St. Louis with a buddy so I was delegated to go pick up his drum set from the show the night before (what a good wife/band member I am!) and then took Harrison to Mom and Dad's to watch the game.

Speaking of Harrison, she and Nick got into it over a big knuckle bone I let her have while we were gone and Nick is now sporting a 1 inch gash on his shoulder and there was blood on our kitchen floor! So, our little happy family is just getting along so well these days! That's what happens when you have a 75lb. 8 month old dog and a 12lb 9 year old dog and they decide to fight. Little dogs might be scrappy but big dogs will just take a bite out of you and be done.

So, a full weekend and a short week! I am preparing for my annual Volunteer Holiday Party that is happening next week, so it's not a blow off week for me (though I don't foresee myself getting too worked up about anything). I'm looking forward to having 4 days off, however.

Happy Monday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

this blog deserves a comment....and thanks for clearing up that driving into the driveway question from my comment on your sister's blog. I knew there was some story about a situation where you just took over and made something happen....and your welcome for the book which I'd like to read when you are finished.