Monday, November 17, 2008

I wanna talk about me...

Here's another one I stole that others are welcome to steal from me!

This is "Using something as something else"
1. When did you last use the edge of a coin (or a knife blade) as a screwdriver?
Hmm, I can't recall an exact time, but I've done it. However, we seem to have screwdrivers all over our house in various places, like the bathroom, so there is usually one handy!

2. When did you last use a wire coat-hanger to break into a car?
I don’t think I ever have, actually. I feel like I've seen Danny do it.

3. When did you last use food or drink as medication?
Well, Danny was sick yesterday and wouldn't eat or drink or do ANYTHING (frustrating!) so as I was leaving for lunch, I left him with the oh-so-healing combination of water and pretzels. I seriously need to go to the grocery store.

4. When did you last use your cellular telephone as a flashlight?
Every night after I turn off the tv and downstairs lights until I can get to the light at the top of the stairs. They are handy that way.

5. When did you last use a paper clip for any purpose other than to clip paper?
The answer that was here from the person I stole this from had said back when she was in elementary school and kids used to make fake retainers out of paper clips...that's totally my answer too! What was with that? Was there really that much appeal to a retainer?



Anonymous said...

I bet you weren't able to get that paper clip from your sister way back then. She was quite possessive with hers as I recall. You didn't do it at home, anyway.

Emily said...

STOP IT about the paperclips!!!!!!!! I'm still consumed with guilt over that and seeing Erin trying to use a safety pin...(seriously, I might tear up in my office).