Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Here, There, and Everywhere

Is where I've been today!

I had to run errands for the boss this morning, among doing many other things for my actual job. Contrary to popular belief (of one person) I am not an assistant, nor do I want to be. I spent 2.5 hours driving around this morning. The upside, I was out of the office, the downside, I was driving around Decatur for 2.5 hours. One more day of work this week, that's all. This has been the longest 3-day week of all! And tonight I have to go get groceries which just makes the day that much longer and now that I realize what week this is (2 days before Thanksgiving!) I'm regretting not getting food earlier, but I honestly haven't had the time. Well, to be honest, yes I have, I could have gone on Sunday...darn it why didn't I go on Sunday?!

Sorry, now I'm just rambling about days of the week. I'm pretty much just blogging today so my "anonymous" reader won't leave a message saying "why haven't you blogged today?"

Tomorrow I have to come to work, set up food for a newsletter folding, go to the doctor, come back to work, put some gift baskets together and then go home!


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Anonymous said...

and maybe blog tomorrow during your heavy work load.