Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God Bless America!

President Obama sounds pretty great to me!

It's a change! Even putting political agendas aside, it's a change. Since the birth of our nation, old white men have been at the helm. Some have done great, others not so great and still others (cough*Bush*cough) abismal! But now we have a change. And I'm not saying because he is black, Barack Obama will solve all of America's issues, I'm saying, it's about time we see a different kind of face in the White House. What an exciting time this is for America. A younger, in touch American with a fresh perspective and a strong desire to change what ails us (and can raise his arms above his shoulders...sorry, had to throw that in there...loosen up those suit jackets McCain)! I don't see how anyone can be so upset with this choice. I understand if you supported the other side that it's disappointing to lose, but now it's time to get on board this new train! Give the new guy a shot and see what's he's got in store for the country. After 8 years of dumbed down, messed up, "don't mess with Texas" rhetoric, does-what-my-Vice-President-tells-me-to-do, let's see what a well-spoken, motivated, appears-to-have-a-grasp-on-what-President-does, actually gave us some answers on his proposed policies, man can do.

I feel great about my country today! And I haven't felt that way in oh, I'd say 8 years. You don't have to agree with me at all, but we all should to get behind President Obama here at the beginning of what could be a great time in America!

God Bless America!



Emily said...

It's an exciting day and time! I cried during the acceptance speech last night (big surprise, huh?)! I agree with you, though. Even if I would have been a McCain voter, I would like to think that I'd still be hopeful today. Just hopeful to have a change. And I'm not even trying to totally come down on Bush, etc., but it's just good to have someone different in there to try to make some improvements! You should see my Facebook status and the conversation resulting from it...

Anonymous said...

absolutely fabulous day!

and how do you get back on to facebook...someone forgot to tell me.

Little Candle said...

Amen! I was so happy I cried!
Loved seeing all of the pics...

Sarah :)